provided the Pet Prescription Team the filming for this instructional video. This Video covers what the Pet Prescription Team provides when ente…
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Preview Clip DVD Title: Aggression in Depth Presenter: John Rogerson Full DVD available at: In this 3-day seminar you will find: rel…
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6 Responses to What Is Involved In Therapy Dog Training

  • Isabella Stephens says:

    My pals has created the comprehensive guides to guide your dog grew to
    become alpha dog. It took him 7 years to find out, I believe every puppy
    owners will need to learn.

  • Nate Miller says:

    An 8 hour class lol? Not necessary. 

  • Get Healthy Get Hot says:

    This is great! Animals are so kind to us humans! We should return the favor
    every day!

  • 201greeneyes says:

    Thank You

  • D4MNST3V3 says:

    Thanks for posting these, I am looking for info on therapy dog training for
    my 2 year old siberian husky, these were quite helpful. And also thanks for
    putting the link up to the pet prescription site.

  • Uksurroroz says:

    Your channel is just what i have been looking for. Absolutely fantastic . I
    would love to buy the DVDs, where can i buy them in the Uk?


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