My dog Bode at 7 months showing off. He should be wearing a sign that reads, “Will Work For Food.” Tricks include: Sit Down Paw Leave It Touch Stay Bang! (pl…

18 Responses to Vizsla Dog Training

  • 77pwee says:

    I love the go home!! that is soooo cute. And the jump, what was that
    command? My vizsla jumps all the time, just not on command!! lol

  • Josh Omans says:

    He is a good dog! The Vizsla is a very bright dog, I have a 4 month old
    female and she has been very quick to learn tricks. She does a lot of these
    same tricks, not quite as smooth yet, but getting closer everyday. Like he
    said, consistent repitition and an ample supply of treats will get you

  • mrsmasita says:

    omg thats amazing!!!!! my viszla is now 5 months old and she is afraid and
    scared of everything! I have no idea what to do.

  • dayymmXstraightXsexy says:

    i think the cutests was the bang haha to cute

  • crimsoft says:

    @sohy3010 Actually, just his regular food (B.G. Buffalo). He’s always gone
    crazy for it so there was no need to use training treats. But any “treat”
    that your dog loves would work!

  • kevincogley says:

    @charliestoner2010 theyre both, but its worth it they are great dogs

  • Biagio Arijs says:

    How did you learn’t him the ‘go home’ ?

  • sohy3010 says:

    @crimsoft thanks 🙂 love the dog.. very clever ;D

  • crimsoft says:

    @hoofprintsinmyheartx He’s 6 months in the video and we had him at 8
    weeks…. we worked on training daily… so yea… 4 months? No crazy
    training sessions, just regular practice and slowly adding new tricks.

  • crimsoft says:

    @DontWannaMakeIt Haha, he really is the same way… the trick here was to
    catch him early in the morning when he was still tired and hungry 🙂 They
    always listen much better then!

  • Barry Shapiro says:

    How many hours a day is he home alone? I am thinking of buying a Vizsla,
    but it would be alone for 6 hours. Great video!

  • cbubolz says:

    I love Viszlas (had 2 so far). Dogs are way smarter that most people think.
    They just want to please you so bad, they’ll do most anything. Training is
    repetition, consistency, praise and treats! I have a new one for you to try
    – my current dogs picks out her own treats. I have 3 (tightly sealed) bags
    of various treats, so I tell her to pick what one she wants. She opens the
    door and brings me a bag – pretty cool! Or maybe I need to get out more!

  • crimsoft says:

    @Misterb6661 Whenever he would go into his cage I would say “go home” and
    give him a treat. Every. time. No exception. Same way he learns all his
    other tricks, just consistency and repetition.

  • Donna Owczarek says:

    “I’ll do anything you say, Dad, just give me the cookie!!”

  • AdimusDogServices says:

    Lovely video! We’ve got a 7 month old Vizsla boy and he’s doing really well
    in his training. It’s good to see another positive trainer of this
    wonderful breed.

  • sohy3010 says:

    what treats do you use? thanks 🙂

  • Lizzi Gee says:

    He is beauuutiful! My vizsla would never do things that quickly – she knows
    what to do she just chooses to do it in her own time!

  • crimsoft says:

    @charliestoner2010 They are so smart, he was really easy to train. If you
    have some previous experience it should be a breeze! He’s a really great
    dog all around. Not expensive, pretty average for pure breds I think. Not
    sure about hard to find… we were lucky enough to have several breeders in
    the area, but we actually had him flown in from out of state, lol, just due
    to the timing of when we were looking for one.


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