The All American Pit Bull Mastiff is a dog breed designed by David Warren. I feed them “Diamond Extreme Athlete” dog food. I use a dog food training techniqu…
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14 Responses to The All American Pit Bull Mastiff / Dog Training by David Warren, part 1

  • EbayCracker says:

    Those are some really nice looking dogs. Good to see how well you trained

  • Adam Aanderud says:

    Them niggas got chains lol

  • Diamond0000000000000 says:

    Impressive dogs what kind of mastiff are they crossed with?

  • Karloez Saa says:

    Really nice and beautiful dogs All dog food is bull shit if you want your
    dog’s big and in a good health.. I was a pitbull breeder and I kept the
    runt of one of my breeds and that bitch is way more bigger strong and
    taller then her bros sis and parents all I fit her with is real meat
    chicken leftovers soups …. dog food = cancer I know that for a
    fact….fuck dogfood

  • Ray Kuykendall says:

    I have a 3 month old blue pit. I am trying to get him to learn his name,
    sit, stay, eat. Somewhat he is getting sit but not anything else. Any
    suggestions on how I can train him just to be like yours?

  • Anna Gurovich says:

    you feed your dogs too much, thats why the’re too fat! you have to give
    them the third part of that you give on your video! you should understand,
    that their hearts are very bad because of their big weight! they should be
    kept on the diet!

  • Ryan Gilbert says:

    Hey I’ve been trying to get in contact with u. I have a make pup I got from
    u n wanted a Lil info on them

  • Sway Oner says:

    have you ever considered feeding raw meat/bones? even some of the best
    kibble is garbage compared to real meat.

  • zach foss says:

    people talk a lotta shit online but when they see you with your puppy
    walking around they dont hesitate to come up and love them then.. lol

  • art ortega says:

    They are american bandogge mastiff which is a pitbull mastiff mix or
    american bulldog mastiff mix

  • april waters says:

    Do you have a problem with shedding really bad?

  • 1Tbunny says:

    Not trying to be negative but pet foods manufactured by diamond pet foods
    have an exteme amount of recalls for all kinds of shit in thier food. And
    they make food for many other well known brands as well. Check it out.

  • Naaj powers says:

    Nice video man well kept dogs.

  • art ortega says:

    This dogs are bandog of American


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