Stella (German Shepherd) graduated from the dog training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel or walk…

Working around distractions is easier to do for some dogs than others. The key to training a dog to do anything anywhere is all about generalizing behaviors …
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22 Responses to Stella (German Shepherd) Dog Training Video

  • MrMiamijohn says:

    so amazing

  • serious__fun says:

    That’s awesome! Love your videos. You guys are very professional.

  • Sitlaly Portillo says:

    I tink they are doin great

  • The Blue Baron says:

    Best dog !

  • orionsic says:


  • Nikitak09 says:

    0:58 is what my class looks like when the bell rings.

  • Raghubeer Shah says:

    nice video , If anyone else is uncover the top tips for training their dog
    try banfan turbo dog trainer (do a search on google)? Ive heard some great
    things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.

  • MultiTansy says:

    Will try this. Thank you so much

  • onedeathbyflame says:

    UUhhh help please, my dog is the same opposite, she doesnt like to do the
    pulling. Im the one that does the pulling ALL the time, she likes to walk
    behind and not in front so yea theres the problem any advice??

  • JT2012a says:

    Hi Tab, like your training videos, their one of the better ones around on
    You Tube. Pity you couldnt do more without the clicker (as I dont have
    one!). I have one question, do you think dogs fear someone with anxiety, I
    have a female GSD also and she really get aggressive to my adult son. Hes
    been kind to her, and tried feeding it, taking it for walks but she still
    wants to attack him. Any tips on how to overcome this? I brought her at 15
    months old – 3 months ago. appreciate any advice.

  • Nicole Hazelaar says:

    My new puppy has a big problem with staying focus when she sees a person or
    another dog she zones out and i have to call her name at least 5 times
    before she will wake up from the trance i will try this a hope it works
    Thanks 🙂

  • Andrew Mcwatts says:

    I am trying to find You on Facebook. What do I look for? You are a Legend!
    Thank You. Please post FB link.

  • pahalloweenfreak says:

    After working outside with him, a few times today, I see a huge
    improvement! Thank You sooooo much for these videos!

  • Brian Latimer says:

    You kinda look like a vampire dude.

  • ๑۩๑ ♥Maks & Val♥ ๑۩๑ (PaulieDi) says:

    My dog needs to conquer his fears of t-storms and noises of all kinds at
    night. I hope to learn a lot here. Thank you for having this topic on
    “distractions” which is what my Toby really needs.

  • JakeVomRivergreen says:

    Great video! I’m looking forward to watching more : )

  • CernaSelfs24 says:

    Love this videos, My Siberian Husky learns really fast and she´s only 3
    months old

  • svartdahl says:

    – Are you the dog-whisper? – Yes! – So why are you not whispering?

  • CreepyMcSteezerson says:

    you know, i never even thought of trying these things. you’re videos are
    very insightful! my dog is a puller and i’ve tried multiple kinds of
    harnesses, the Halti face lead, and even for a VERY short time the choker
    — which i despise. i finally found one harness that seems to work better,
    but instead of depending on that, I’m going to use your tips 🙂

  • amy1bacon says:

    My puppy is 8 months, trained in basically everything from walking well on
    lead to greating visitors. The only thing is he leaves his own toys and can
    retrieve them but when we are out on a walk and he plays with another dog
    and happends to maybe get their ball its almost impossible to get it from
    him the usual commands for him realesing a toy dont work. the ball is jsut
    too interesting for him becasue its not his. Any help you can give?

  • sstaniforth79 says:

    Thanks so much for this information! My dog gets very distracted around
    other dogs and cats and people when walking. I am hopeful that I can get
    this unwanted behavior under control. Thanks!

  • trajan124 says:

    Is this a long or short haired gsd???? btw very nice!!!


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