remember theres no such thing as a shock collar only a shock trainer..and those don’t last too long this is Mikes channel …
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14 Responses to SHOCK COLLAR DOG TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilian A. Hyam says:

    Great clip!
    I’ll provide you some good ideas, tips, and strategies to help you to turn
    your dog into the best behaved, happiest, running, bouncing,
    slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  • Hannah Carrillo says:

    I was thinking that people coined the term “shock collar” from the original
    models that came out – those remotes with no control over the intensity of
    the stimulation at all. They were used as the most powerful
    punishment/correction, and essentially shock the shit out of the dog. So
    terrible compared to what we have today. But, I probably don’t know, I’ve
    only been around since ’96. 

  • XxMutilatedxX says:

    Such a good looking Golden :)

  • LatitudeClear says:

    @Romanvdg Have you sat down and discussed the pro’s and cons of the
    different Colleges that your dog plans on attending when it becomes old
    enough to move out of the house?

  • Jon Engdahl says:

    I live in San Francisco, so you can imagine this city is brimming with
    “trainers” that are certified from the SFSPCA academy and their
    progressive, positive ideology that mess up most of their dogs for big bux.
    Even a lot of the owners of these dogs are militant on “positive only”
    because a struggle with an untrained dog makes them feel morally superior,
    if it reflects back on them that they are “nice” people. There are trainers
    here that specialize on retraining messed up dogs from such clowns

  • panzertoo says:

    there are no good ol days in the days of dog training the German Shepherd
    dog the most versitile dog in the world is only a little over 100 years old
    I will check out you training videos thanks for yopur commentts

  • panzertoo says:

    @StellaisBack the trainer clearly was an idiot, but the collar cannot cause
    burns but some dogs can have a skin reaction and get sores

  • Romanvdg says:

    @leonardletoto See I knew you would come back with a comment like this
    sooner or later. End of the day you want to make money with them e-collars
    and you will tell anything to do so.

  • inmate78155 says:

    @CAROLMRAMOS Peta also opposes fur coats and raising animals for food. But
    I bet if i went to your house and opened your freezer you would be stocked
    with cow, pig, and chicken. So get off your high horse and come to reality.

  • panzertoo says:

    you need to use to motivate behaviors you want not punish jumping We have
    lots pf Pit bull videos and an e book that will help

  • David75Alexander says:

    Just watched this video. Your so freekin AWESOME Girl!

  • Adrianna Pedigo says:

    i have a 9 month german sheperd and he is still teething an when ever my
    daughter comes in the room he thinks shes like a playmate so he tries to
    play wither but then like when hes playin you tries going for her ancles so
    whould this collar work. with this kind of situation

  • Mike Loesche says:

    I definately enjoyed the video. Thanks for the special shout out!
    Mike-Homeland K-9

  • Wills Canines says:

    Well said!


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