Shelter Dog Training Program: Easy Walk Harness (Heritage Humane Society)

Dog trainer, Kari Koulmentas, demonstrates the ease of use with an Easy Walk Harness. This video is part of a series documenting the training techniques and …
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6 Responses to Shelter Dog Training Program: Easy Walk Harness (Heritage Humane Society)

  • Adde Hapvm says:

    We try this with me service dog but he will pull with with this 

  • Israel Valencia says:

    What size is this harness?

  • davidsalinas9 says:

    My dog got huge cuts under his armpits after using this. ……. It helped
    him from pulling because it was hurting him

  • Serge Cable says:

    That is a nice-looking bulldog. I too have bulldogs (APBTs). APBTs are a
    very strong and high-energy breed bred as all-around farming and hunting
    dogs. I find that harnesses are a great walking accessory for such dogs.
    It doesn’t put strain on a dog’s neck when they pull, like collars would,
    and it gives the walker better stability when walking his dogs. But I use
    a different harness that doesn’t have a strap going across the chest. Mine
    goes under the dog’s are pits, and the D-shaped ring that attaches to the
    harness is located on the top of the dog’s back (a much better setup in my

  • allpetsforever92 says:

    gorgeous dog!! nice video

  • DebbieDeberickson says:

    great video, easy to understand!!! Thank you!


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