Learn how to walk service dogs with expert tips on therapy dog training in this free animal care video clip. Expert: Jim Leske Bio: My name is Jim Leske, Ani…

7 Responses to Service Dog Training Tips : How to Walk Service Dogs

  • Rang Kimo says:

    It’s completely embarrassing if your dog keeps jumping up on people.

  • DOGWOMAN55 says:

    Correction..You are supoosed to say “leave it” then give the dog a chance
    to modfy his behavior and learn the proper association to the

  • DOGWOMAN55 says:

    Your supopose to leave it …give the dog a chance to make the proper
    response …then give a correction.. timing is important… and FAIR All
    the dog learns in the association is that you say leave it for some reason
    and jerk the dogs neck. He never learns to make a correction and turn away
    on his own.

  • TailTrex says:

    That’s an inaccurate critique, triumphantbutterfly. The handler is
    obviously conditioning this dog for response by using a treat reward; NOT
    BAITING the animal to perform. Apparently what you fail to grasp is that
    after a while, the dog responds to voice commands only AFTER having been
    “conditioned” using treats. This is common & customary practice ALL
    creditable trainers apply. Happy trails

  • Chibi Misaki says:

    not trying to be mean but every video on expertvillage has something wrong
    in it.

  • Alex Popsie says:

    Hi people, My dog minnie couldn’t do any trick and she would wee in the
    corner. onlinedogtraining.us, helped us LOADS in training her with their
    step by step videos.. such an invaluable site to me now.

  • Luigi the Medical Alert Assistance Dog says:

    Heheheheehehehee. *falls off chair laughing so hard* 1:17 “You will notice
    he is responding to my voice…” Not the treat your baiting him with in
    your other hand !?!?


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