On Tuesday February 5th Alpine Meadows hosted a full day of search and rescue dog training in conjunction with the Placer County Sherriff Search and Rescue, …

Rottweilers are big, beautiful, powerful dogs, Trained properly they can become great family pets. Learn how to train your Rottweiler in this video. Don’t fo…
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16 Responses to Search and Rescue Dog Training at Alpine Meadows

  • venkat valliappan says:

    I love dog stuff online. It usually takes up a lot of my weekend. However a
    large percentage of folks are little by little KILLING their dogs – without
    understanding it!! The junk they use in pet food brings about cancerous
    cells and tends to make family dogs pass away early.. In order to save your
    pet’s life you ought to look at Double Life Dog Diet (Google it.)

  • Jeanpierre Ramirez says:

    My 7 week rottie doesnt want to obey me i got him a few days ago and he
    doesnt like the leash,obey and his aggressive by play biting,but his
    energetic and playful,we love him, i need help please or should i take him
    to dog training?

  • Patricia Brogoto says:

    I just adopted a 7month old male rott an im trying to figure the best way
    to train him to sit stay and guard on command an to not go after my cats
    what should I do?

  • Rose Winter says:

    we have a rot called B, she is 6 now she loves people and other dogs, her
    brother max who is a ruby king charles wont sleep without her. it upsets me
    when people cant see how loving and inteligent rots are!

  • jimroyal85 says:

    Very helpfull lernt me something I did not no about rottwils

  • jessief0r3v3r says:

    i just got my rottie puppy 3 days ago she loves to play and very aggrasive
    but i love her she is very very very highly energenic but i cant get her
    walking on a leash she always pulls and wants to go everywhere else can you
    help me Message me if so [;

  • Rotties9292 says:

    @ROB No prob when you do get your Rottie I highly recommend using the
    ProGuard vaccine it’s a modified live vaccine that is proven to be the best
    for Rotties. It’s the best vaccine against Parvo. Since it’s a live vaccine
    it’ll protect your dog for the longest time compared to a dead vaccine. You
    can find all this on the Rottweiler forum. Look up Dr jean Dodds
    vaccination protocol most of the people on the Rottweiler forum go by this
    including me. It’ll save your dog from being over vaccinated

  • giggidy87 says:

    @BattleGround16 rotts, gsds, or dobies.

  • tasha davis says:

    @ritchiesame he is five month old and he steal lot hard stuff and i have
    search for days for it like items: remote and i find it and my nepew toys
    and my shoe and other more and even he still smart dog and i try teach him
    sign langange because i am deaf and i want him be on my side no matter what
    as long he train as family and keep me safe 🙂

  • loveable1628 says:

    i hate rottweilers

  • filthyrusty says:

    @redeasy55 its comments like this one that gives all us rottweiler owners a
    bad name…well done dipshit

  • ryan reiter says:

    when is it OKAY for negative reinforcement? I want to raise my rott right,
    and at first she was submissive but now shes being a brat lol… shes
    snapping during play and i’ve done all of the positive stuff but she still
    continues… While in the Marine Corps, I trained with 9month + old
    shepherds but I’ve never dealt with a 10week old rott

  • robin726 says:

    @loveable1628 you I know you hate Rottweiler because you can’t afford one,
    So stop being a hater and start saving some money to buy one like mine

  • ayyjaaybeejaay says:

    @winterpetal1 very well said i have one myself very loveable dog all though
    i only have one atm but im getting another one soon will he get along
    please reply?

  • Cindafukinrella says:

    @rogantu lol

  • siggenyk says:

    Love my rottweiler


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