P3 Demolition Derby von Riesig in training for protection.

5 Responses to Rottweiler Protection Dog Training

  • MuumiMamma85 says:

    You start training your rotty since it comes home. Bit by bit, little
    pieces at time. Most important is find some good group to train with. You
    cant train dog prop without good trainingroup if you want compete in IPO or
    do things propebly right =)

  • leslie hunter says:

    beautiful animal rotties are the only way to go i was raise with them and i
    played outside from morning to night with my mom not worrying about
    anything happening to me with one of these as my babysitter

  • Monykuer Seven says:

    i might be getting a rottweiler soon and i want to know how to teach
    it Obedience and when is it alright to start that and how long do you think
    it would take?

  • newTTMXMP says:

    Wow… How much do you have to train these dogs?

  • VonRiesig says:

    It depends on how far you want to go with the dog and the dog’s temperament
    and physical ability, but most dogs are fully trained between 6 months – 1
    year of training.


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