Fred Hassen of “Sit Means Sit” dog training, is shown here at one of his Sit Means Sit Dog training “Live” seminars, helping someo… For more information on barking, please read: This is an…
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46 Responses to Rottweiler forum | Sit Means Sit Dog Training

  • Chales Darwin says:

    happy to be able to train train two rottweiler they are a 1year I met them
    today and never knew how really smart they really are that made my
    motivation into training them asap.

  • Kristen Tedesco says:

    Your correcting before your teaching which is why the dog is straying away
    in fear. Great job in training by pain stimulation.

  • pasi ronn says:

    Dogs are just beatiful animals.

  • gvstradamvs says:

    works for weims too, a bit firmer when it comes time to tone down anxiety
    or excitement for the pit breeds a soft hand with a strong mind does it i
    love the sit means sit videos but i cant fucks with the shock collar, even
    if its just to train i seen ppl strap them on to dogs all day and night
    hoping that they stop barking before the hair on their necks falls off.
    ridiculous but power if its a tool for you.

  • Jairus Galeos says:

    The gentle leader leash is a very good training tool in this kind of
    situation.. I tried it to my rotty and i am very happy of the results.

  • Masta Cheef says:

    You got me there..hmm never thought of it like that. Well thats why you get
    paid the big bucks… Hopefully one day you’ll higher me lol

  • Cathy Duke says:

    I just signed my dog up with Sit means Sit and after the first lesson I was
    able to leave and come home and NOT be jumped all over for the first time
    in three years! I’m looking forward to our next lesson immensely! The
    collar in no way hurts my dog…he’s not afraid of it, he’s not unhappy
    while wearing it. My dog is a big SOFTIE too.

  • Thedogmom says:

    Fred Hassan admits to not knowing anything about behavior, nor does he
    care. He merely cares that the dog makes his ego feel better by being
    compliant. I could put a shock collar on Fred, if I could remove his
    ability to take the collar off, I could get Fred to do ANYTHING I WANTED.
    Except like or trust me.

  • scott macdonald says:

    That is great for a Dog with no drive…My Dog has amazing OB but very

  • tipzy87 says:

    shoking isnt what u think.. its not to hurt the dog, i have 1 for my dog
    and i test it on myself it does not hurt the dog! its like a poke just to
    let them know u want them to focus on you. shock collar is just a bad way
    to put it.. i other videos of sit means sit u can see that all the dogs
    they train with ecollars are wagging their tails, even the shy ones turn
    into confident ones.. just FYI…

  • boxervix says:

    i likeeeeee

  • SugarJak says:

    Nice looking Rottie. I had a dominant male, you definitley don’t want a dog
    that powerful being disrespectful or ignoring it’s handler. I’ve never
    needed to use an E collar, but am not opposed to them if the situation
    warrants it.

  • Xepherya says:

    ONly because he’s shocking the crap out of the dog and forcing him into
    compliance. I can get the same work and better quality out of my dog just
    by clicker training him. THe dog hasn’t learned how to heel correctly. All
    he knows is he’s avoiding the shock. Certainly not a way to form a bond
    with the dog. E-Collars have their time and place, and I’ve used one
    myself, but to teach simple walking? That’s just laziness.

  • SteamValidateUserID says:

    it obedience training

  • Iangriffo says:

    Many people totally misunderstand what this trainer is doing! This guy
    knows his stuff and deserves respect for his work which is highly effective
    and because he uses these methods properly is nowhere near the cruel method
    that the closed minded would have us believe. I know “trainers” who
    complain about the use of E Collars as cruel yet think nothing of beating
    the shit out of a dog or worse still reject or avoid strong dogs as
    untrainable. Unbelievable. Get real, dogs are NOT little people!!

  • elayah666 says:

    Well a clicker is for nobodys. You just need to be fair and square and
    stubborn to get a dog to listen correctly, you cant come to a competition
    with a clicker. OMG stupid people.

  • makav3li says:

    Lovely dog

  • tipzy87 says:

    ps. im sure the choker you use on ur dog hurts him more than the ecollar…
    especialy ppl who just non-stop pop the leach!

  • hottentot0o7 says:

    the dog isnt harmed at all. just gets his attention. We have a training
    collar, or obedience collar as its called. it corrects bad behavior. I
    promise you, you want an animal of that size well behaved.

  • Masta Cheef says:

    haha put my dogs e collar on your neck it feels like a very sharp
    vibration.. it hurts like hell!!

  • racinvr8 says:

    that’s a CN train, a Canadian train.

  • Olive Mathers says:

    My husky had separation anxiety really bad as a puppy, but instead of
    barking she would whine/cry. It was so bad that she would do this when I
    would just go to the bathroom. One day I prepared a platter of chicken
    bits, left the room, came back before she cried and gave her a treat. She
    was so bad though, crying almost as soon as I left the room, I was getting
    discouraged. I actually used a timer to mark her progress. She started out
    crying after 3 seconds of me leaving the room! I slowly progressed her
    tolerance, and she is a well adjusted 3 year old brat now! Haha. 

  • Christine Seitz says:

    So my Ni but she barks for about a minute & then whines until I come back
    but she’s used to me being there with her cuz she’s a service dog & knows
    I’m supposed to be there. She’s gotten better unless it’s dark & then she
    won’t stop cuz she’s afraid of the dark unless she’s got a buddy w her!

  • SerpentQueen03 says:

    Thank you! I’ll be sure to try that. 🙂

  • solidsn2004 says:

    @pamelamarxsen I dont use clicker but she is well trained for peeing in the
    right place. We take her for walk every day and use other exercises you
    mention regularly. She is doing a bit better already after a lot of hours
    of training but she still barks after a while. I guess we continue with the
    exercises until she learns not to bark at all but it looks so hard for her
    to understand. Thanks for the advice.

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @wongsoler I think you could change it up and give your pup different
    things, cream cheese, kibble mixed with a little cream cheese, but why
    stop. I like to put a little peanut butter or cream cheese then fill with
    kibble, and top with a little cream cheese or pb, then freeze it to make a
    kongsicle. 🙂 I figure that it gives the dogs a job, a little mental
    stimulation to get it all out of there and that is good for them. Why
    quit… Sometimes I hide the kongs as well. Hope that helps. Pam

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    Pt 2: practice going outside for small amounts of time and coming in when
    he is quiet. You really do not need food. You just need to let him know
    that his barking, whining, etc does not bring you home. Being quiet does.
    When you come home, be calm, do not get him all excited. You want him to
    think it is not that big of a deal when you come home. When he is calm then
    give him loads of attention. I really hope that helps some. It is so hard
    to solve issues with a few comments. Good luck!!

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    HI! I sent you a message with some ideas on how to help your dog. It was
    too long to post in a reply, here. Please feel free to contact me if you
    are unclear of what I am talking about. Have a great day! Pam

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    I really think it depends on the dog as to if the owner should or should
    not get excited when they come in. I wouldn’t suggest to get the dog all
    amped up jumping around or anything. Also, this was a MILD case of
    separation anxiety. I think a severe case should be handled differently. I
    have a 10 step program for clients with dogs that have severe separation
    anxiety. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  • AmyyIsabella says:

    Thank You so much! I’m going to try it myself. Hopefully it works! Fingers
    crossed!! 😛

  • newbear95 says:

    Great video! Hope this will help a lot of dog owners.

  • Phil Walker says:

    Hi Huladancer45…For more info please look at the namesake site.

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    Interesting! What is Sniff Therapy?

  • MydogIucky says:

    This is soo cute! Can you check out mine? It’s my puppy howling when I
    leave the car! Check it out!

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @cleveneur well, I think that if someone put an E-Collar on me, then I
    would not longer bark either. I personally feel that if behaviors CAN be
    trained and CURED WITHOUT FORCE, PAIN, PUNISHMENT, Intimidation, etc. then
    WHY NOT use the POSITIVE NO PAIN METHOD. Just my OPINION! I have not found
    a behavior that can’t be cured or trained with using only POSITIVE
    training. Like I said, it is my opinion. I would never inflict pain on a
    dog that I LOVE!

  • NoSaltyPeanuts says:

    @pamelamarxsen Thanks for this video. I live in Europe and there is a dog
    in the pound that is really sweet but I was told that he will tear up my
    house if he’s left alone in the house all day. I only work two or three
    times a week . He’s be alone about 7 hours. I’m going to ask if they would
    be willing to let me work with him for about 4 days when I’m not work and
    see if I can get him calm using your methods. But I’m curious about what do
    you do about leaving food, water, messes, etc.

  • D.S.S says:

    I am heard of hearing and my phone is quiet. Would you add subtitles?

  • kikopup says:

    Well done Pam! Awesome video! 🙂

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    I hope so! That is why I put it out there. Thank you for being so nice!

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @Wooushh It really depends on the dog. I personally have found with the
    MANY dogs that I have trained that each dog is different. I would say that
    yes in a way you are right. However, I do not think you should “pay no
    attention to the dog”. If the dog is calm, I would say yes give attention
    and calm petting or even speak in a calm voice. If the dog is crazy jumping
    and excited, then go about your business until he calms down and pay
    attention at that moment. So, it depends on the dog!

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    Don’t leave for hours. Teach her to be ok with you being away for a second,
    then two, and then a few seconds, and slowly build up to being away for
    hours. You can start in your home and just go around a corner or into
    another room, close the door and then come out and reward your dog for
    being calm. It takes a lot of time to build up to being gone a few hours. I
    start training this when my dogs were puppies in their crate… Good Luck!

  • IncelTreatment says:

    Thanks for the video 🙂

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @wongsoler How is it going? I hope that some of the tips have helped. Take
    care! Pam

  • Phil Walker says:

    My family and friends have used Sniff Therapy on our dogs and it
    works!…It’s all natural too!

  • Sasha K says:

    He’s in the car with a human or two and my twelve year old dog. I’m his
    whole world since I train him mostly and the person who Feeds him. Last
    time I left him home he didn’t cry at all which was great. I take him with
    me most of the time. I take him on my errands and he stays in car. He
    screams when I go in. He usually quiets down after a while. Sometimes are
    worst than others. Not taking him with isn’t an option. Giving him a kong
    isn’t an option in car since he loves cheese or peanut butter

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    I agree! Making a big deal of leaving is not a good idea. I have even toned
    it down since the video and just give the Kong, dilly dally around a bit,
    and then out I go. I never had a problem with my other dog Isabelle. She
    would just sleep right after our morning jog. Sometimes I think that the
    more exercise my little Bandit gets, the more hyped up he is. Thanks for
    the nice comment! It is hard putting things out for the world to see and
    for them to judge. I just hope it helps some dogs.


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