Dargo a Rottweiler male is being trained in its advance obedience by K9 Enforcement Training Academy in Miami, Sunrise, homestead Florida. http://www.k9enfor…

Celebrity dog trainer Tamar Geller explains what your dog’s seven basic needs are—and how to keep him or her happy by fulfilling them. Learn more: http://bit…
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17 Responses to Rottweiler Dog Training K9 Enforcement Training Academy

  • Elise L. Begum says:

    It’s very uncomfortable whenever your canine keeps jumping up on people.

  • elmalaping says:

    ohhhh,, this is terrific 

  • B.R. Mathews says:

    Great advice – it was like hearing someone summarize my own instinctual
    approach to rearing a puppy. It’s a shame when people neglect their pets,
    or treat them in a condescending fashion. Dogs are such clever creatures.
    As you pointed-out, I’ve found it highly effective to reinforce vocabulary
    with my dog. “Go and get your ball…. no, not the rope…. that’s your
    rope… ROPE. Get the BALL! Good girl!” 

  • Rich C.C. says:

    Nice Peta for truth!

  • garyg562 says:

    Thank you Tamar! Everything you said makes sense on the human side and the
    dog side. Well done! Vegan living is the BEST!

  • Angelica X says:

    Any and all animal lovers need to call this girl. She abuses and beats her
    two dogs CONSTANTLY. (not the girl in the video) The police in this state
    wont do anything about it. BLOW UP HER PHONE IF YOU LOVE DOGS. Her number
    is 870-514-8570

  • leonmol says:

    Keep the great and life-saving work, Peta!!! 🙂

  • Tommaso Virnicchi says:

    Great! Thanks Tamar, the English is so plain I think everyone can

  • DigiRuDog says:

    Thanks, Tamar Geller, for your great books and these YouTube clips that
    show you can coach (train) your dog in a loving way. You do NOT need to
    rule dogs–or kids!–by using fear, pain or thinking you have to dominate
    them and keep them in line.

  • man dingo says:

    I miss the rescue my family used to have. Each of the sofa that came onto
    our farm had a personality all their own and I could tell each apart by
    their bark. I miss that companionship.

  • Cheetree1 says:

    im adopting a border collie, so i needed good advice! thanks peta

  • Toast488 says:

    Great video for people with dogs!

  • AHeartForOnlyYou says:

    This is great advice that every dog “parent” should see!

  • Tim Leibfritz says:

    Hahaha! Saying “drink! drink!” as my dog is drinking water provides the
    mental stimulation of my dog thinking I’ve just been struck with stupidity!
    Any dog trainer that has a stylist and hits the red carpet would like their
    idiotic ideas about animal behavior to sound good to you, the overly
    concerned high paying client, and has really nothing to do with the health
    of your dog.

  • man dingo says:

    Each of the dogs***

  • Klicker Kuvasz & Friends says:

    Dogs can learn way more than 150 words

  • עדות של אמא says:

    I’m so happy you upload this video! Thanks 🙂


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