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E collar Demonstration with an out of control dog

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20 Responses to Remote Collar Dog Training Video: The Leash | Dog Training: Episode 2 |

  • Sit Means Sit Dog Training of Los Angeles says:

    Today we’ll look at how even the smallest dogs can be trained using the Sit
    Means Sit method of Dog Training.

    With small dogs the scariest thing often is the clients worry that they’ll
    hurt the dog. Watch as Fred hardly uses any leash pressure at all and
    thereby never putting the little dog’s neck in any jeopardy.

    #LosAngelesDogTraining #Dogs #DogTraining #Puppy

  • g3fca2a says:

    For all y’all who rant on choke chains, prong and e-collars, let’s keep
    this in mind. Do you think military working dogs are 100 percent clicker
    and treat trained? Do you think police dogs are trained with your tree
    hugging “all positive” ways? You know dogs trained in personal protection
    are trained with these “torture devices”, right? Obviously it works if the
    world’s most elite dogs are trained this way. What about NVBK dogs? Are
    they trained entirely with “petting and love”? Well, where’s the
    discipline? Where’s the correction? Learning is done by making mistakes…
    how are you supposed to fix those mistakes and LEARN if all you do is
    praise? I don’t care if you’re a clicker-happy agility trainer with Border
    Collies, but don’t tell us working dog people how it’s done. Do you really
    want to compare your Rally Aussies to military combat trained Malinois in
    how they’re trained? You have your ways of training, we have ours, now fuck
    off. Clearly the highest caliber dogs are trained with a way you don’t like
    and it works.. deal with it. 

  • Paul Gordon says:

    I put a shock collar on my dog 9 years ago for two weeks of training. never
    put it back on her again. greatest dog in the world. very obedient and
    loyal. I’m glad I shocked the shit out of her back then and will do it to
    my next dog.

  • Bishop Lemmon says:

    Poor dog how could u do this?

  • winniwunke says:

    if you cant control that dog without an e collar perhaps you should not
    have it.e collars are for stupid and lazy people who are not able to lead a

  • totheliimit says:

    The only reason the dog is obedient after the shock is because he’s
    terrified he’s going to be shocked again! That’s not right at all, the dog
    can’t be happy!

  • A&R Express says:

    Also I’ve tried to eCollar on myself and have had my students try it on
    themselves. We both agreed that although it packs a punch (at a very high
    level) it didn’t really hurt, moreso surprise or… wait for it… shocked

  • A&R Express says:

    I consider myself a balanced trainer. ANY training tool can be damaging if
    used incorrectly, even clickers. I’ve seen people damage their dogs hearing
    because they got frustrated and began clicking a dog near the face. I’ve
    used eCollars plenty of times to rehabilitate a dog that is either
    aggressive or highly reactive. Each time my students have left with calm
    and focused dogs that are happy because they calm their minds down and
    enjoy actives. Also eCollars are not used to punish a dog for reacting but
    to reinforce the command already given.

    The only thing that I would say about this video is that it looks like you
    pushed past the dogs threshold too quickly. The key is for him to remain in
    a command while the other dog passes without breaking focus or losing
    comfort. The dog still looks reactive but is choosing not to react because
    of the shock. This could damage the dogs confidence in the long run. 

  • robbie waring says:

    Its obvious u retards the dog doesn’t fucking like it ban these collars!!! 

  • Joe Willis says:

    I don’t see how this is inhumane. I have 3 dogs, lab, gs and beagle. I have
    used an e collar on all of them. The highest level i have ever put is on is
    level 3/10. I have only had to use the stimulate button once or twice. I
    always beep/ vibrate the collar before stimulation. Now all i have to do is
    have the collar beep or vibrate. Proper training is the MOST IMPORTANT.
    There are a few stupid ppl out there who misuse these collars, however most
    don’t. An e collar can and is a fantastic training tool. But like all
    tools, one needs to know how to use it properly.

  • icecreampleez says:

    i wish you were here in ATLANTA , GEORGIA!! 

  • Bishop Lemmon says:

    Poor dog how could u do this?

  • kyersten kerr says:

    I have a very smart, quick learning lab, who is 6. she listens awesome on
    leash, but as soon as she is off, gets distracted and ignores my ‘come’
    command. I do use treat training, she is a typical lab, very food
    motivated, and I phase it in and out to keep things interesting. She will
    lift her head and look at me, then go back to sniffing/eating poop,
    whatever, until I start walking toward her. I am waiting for my e collar
    in the mail, its all I can think to do to get her attention off leash. She
    is really quick, so Im thinking it will only take a couple positive
    sessions for me to ‘tap her shoulder’ when she is sniffing something more
    important than I am. how else can I do it, as she knows when she is out of
    my reach with a leash, or long line? Also, our working LGD, who is not
    food motivated, likes to chase after people that drive by our driveway, or
    by us on our walks on our road. Again, on leash, hes awesome, but as soon
    as he feels you don’t have the leash to keep him there…no thanks and i’ll
    be damned if he even flicks his ears when he’s called. He is really sweet
    and sensitive, and also quick learner, so he should pick it up fast, and
    because I treat as well, ill have to find something he really will like as
    a reward for coming when called.

  • mmamax1 says:

    aaargh, all those bs comments, i train my dog every day, with candy,
    positive rewards and this goes great.
    i wistlle and he comes i snap my finger and he sits, he knows what to do
    when i ask him to do it.
    But my dog (amstaff) who was biten as a pup, has made a turn against other
    dogs, he is the agressor now.
    and as soon as the fixation starts on another dog there is no getting
    trough him anymore.
    called in the help of a pro trainer who uses a e collar, and intstant
    results, and also i thought i know a lott about dog behavior, but
    apparantly i still have a lott to learn.
    i rather have a trained dog with the help of a litlle shock that i felt on
    the highest level and its nothing, then that my dog bites another dog and
    who knows what the outcome will be.
    watched most of your vids, and great vids, i see i stil have a lot to learn.
    thanks for posting them

  • Sooner Science Nerd says:

    that dog is still out of control, he’s still barking, and hasn’t learned

  • lowrydog says:

    Ok this dog is not happy. It is trying to get out of the collar and looking
    to the owner for help. It is panting, lip licking, has left tail bias,
    whining, flattened ears and hunched body posture. Yes it has stopped
    lunging but it hasn’t stopped feeling bad about being in such close contact
    with the other dog. To improve the welfare of this dog surely it is much
    nicer and kinder to to change how it is feeling towards other dogs. There
    are other kinder ways to change how a dog is behaving and best to start
    with changing how it is feeling. To do this go to a qualified animal
    behaviourist and ask about de-sensitising and counter-conditioning. Or find
    a trainer who is BAT qualified. You don’t have to treat your dog this way. 

  • azores5 says:

    Muestran lo loco que se pone el perro porque ve a otro perro jugar con un
    objeto y con un humano y el tambien quiere estar ahi e interactuar. Despues
    de “supuestamente” usar el collar se lo ve como no se pone loco por ver a
    otro perro “paseando” ??? Ustedes ponen este ejemplo, en serio ?? Una cosa
    es un perro jugando y otra muy distinta paseando, no pueden mostrar un
    video asi marcando que es el resultado de haber usado el collar, son 2
    casos muy distintos. Ese perro necesita atencion por parte de su dueño

  • Patriot News Network says:

    Dogs learn like children do. If you tell a child not to touch a hot stove,
    the child is gonna try and touch it anyways. And when they do, they get
    burned. And the pain associated with that burn reminds the child “do not
    touch a hot stove”.

    Electronic training collars for dogs provides an equal “action, pain,
    reaction” real world experience dog’s need to learn.d

  • Fuzy Foxkit says:

    IT is Simple positive Reinforcement training takes longer negative
    reinforcement takes less time now if you use both and properly it takes
    less then both and every one can be happy

  • Avial Sigma says:

    This isn’t how you train dogs. Most people who owns a dog never use e
    collars or any form of electric shock collars to train a dog. I’ve seen
    many people use shock collars on themselves and they say it hurts an awful
    Luckily these products are becoming illegal throughout the UK. There is a
    difference between controlling your dog and caring/training your dogs. Near
    the end of the video these dogs don’t look like they are trained but more
    or less brainwashed and shock collars are well known in animal
    entertainment business to get them to do things that they don’t want to do.
    You should also study effects of electric shocks on animals and humans,
    electric shocks are capable of causing brain damage and seizures and can
    potentially kill them in the end. I would not intend on using electrical
    charge on any living organism.
    There is nothing wrong with using verbal communication and positive rewards
    for training a dog to behave. It is the same effect with children and you
    wouldn’t put a shock collar on a child now, would you?


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