Protection Dog Training Belgian Malinois & Pitbull with Attention Dog Training!

Handler Darrel Hager demonstrates high levels of obedience training while doing protection training. Nikita is a pit bull/American Bull Dog mix at 7 years ol…
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24 Responses to Protection Dog Training Belgian Malinois & Pitbull with Attention Dog Training!

  • Darrel Hager says:

    MrMonocleGaming- start everything with your dog now. You have a puppy! so
    lucky. Hide food, play tug, climb on things. If you accidentally have
    some fun along the way, thats not bad either.

  • Linda Lempi says:

    Why the e-collar?? That´s so cruel

  • chan duck says:

    Everyone who is hating please show me your dog or a dog that you personally

  • Yousef Hussain says:

    Great protection dogs….biting the person they are suppose to be

  • Zeina Moukhaiber says:

    What a wonderful dogs you are tranibg

  • speed0311 says:

    I cant understand these people crying about the collars these are
    PROTECTION DOGS. If you are sending your dog to stop a intruder with a
    weapon were it could be hurt or killed but training them with a shock
    collar is to much maybe this type of dog is not for you there are plenty of
    nice lap dogs you can train with treats. These dogs look happy and healthy
    good training.

  • Nemi Drake says:

    This is amazing. I have never seen dogs that are this obedient. 

  • Baba Looey says:

    So why electro shocks?

  • Rachael Cowan says:

    Great looking dogs!! And for those criticizing over the shock collars- get
    over it. These dogs look like they’re having a great time! If he used the
    shock collar as a “torture” device they would look like robots performing a
    job. That’s not what I see here. GREAT attention/heeling! Im still working
    on that with my 2 year old Boxer. No, I haven’t used a shock collar and
    probably never will on him. (I believe it depends on the individual dog
    which tools are appropriate) But anyway, I hope Samson looks that good one

  • chocolater2 says:

    He’s using shock collars? Well fuck that. That’s fucking weak.

  • vegas702bred says:

    Check iut my 4 month old pits home protection training on my page

  • Dave Cebe says:

    Hi Darrel your dogs are just incredible. I am amazed at how the pit is so
    clever – I have always considered them big tough beef heads – but I was
    wrong. I also noticed a lot of people in and against the use of those
    collars. I am just starting out in training – I would like to know your
    thoughts? I can’t believe that these things are hurting the dogs – it
    doesn’t seem like it… but what would I know. Can you explain (in layman
    terms) about the use of these collars -if I should get one etc etc Thanks!

  • 9011combo says:

    Love your video Darrel! !

  • Ale Curruale says:

    senza collare elettrico riesci a fare qualcosa??….
    a mettervi in galera a tutti e togliervi i cani

  • Bar Border Guards says:

    why electro shock?

  • Tereso Silva says:

    You are amazing

  • Shiny Games says:

    I have a two year old belgian malinois mixed with a staffordshire
    bullterier . Now thats an awesome dog !!

  • pascal willaert says:

    nice work mate ,keep on 🙂 greetings malinois owner from belgium

  • Cemix says:

    why electro shoks?? 

  • Hailey lisska says:

    I mean lieng 

  • user IO says:

    Darrel, i have two 19mnth old ban dogs(mother was bordeaux mastiff and the
    father APBT x american bulldog) they are very stable, with basic obedience
    commands down(sit, down, stay etc). my ultimate goal is to get them into
    self protection training but am having issues with my local shutzhund club
    as they don’t agree with training my dogs based on their breed and wont
    accept my dogs based on that alone, which sucks the big kahuna!. would you
    know of any good instructionals that could guide me to that goal- step by
    step?? possibly with live access via video uploads and online on-call
    advice?? or even be willing yourself to offer relatively comprehensive
    steps?? thanks

  • Hailey lisska says:

    I have one his name is even and I’m not living

  • user IO says:

    just beautiful bro! for me, the idea of some dog breeds being superior in
    shutzhund is a myth.. and when i see vids like this- with malinois and a
    pitbull side by side i am absolutely inspired by the HUGE potential of APBT
    breeds and associated breeds to really shine in this sport. thanks

  • Queen Ann says:

    so if my kid wont mind I should put collar on her….shock her…ur no
    trainer…ur a retard that couldn’t train a dog without hurting it…..I
    train dogs well without this collar…a gd trainer will tell u ur
    wrong!!!!!!they mind so there not hurt what an ass hole!


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