Police K9 video clip. This is a clip of Following a police k9 handler through a little of obedience at Sit Means Sit remote dog tr…

20 Responses to Police K9 dog training – Fred Hassen

  • Unamuno747 says:

    Since it’s not practical to train these dogs to obey only one officer, they
    will often respond to any person who can do the signals and/or commands
    correctly. If you’re ever being chased by a police dog, do NOT run. They’re
    trained to bring down runners. Rather, stand your ground and give a
    palm-down gesture while yelling “down!” You’ll get caught by the fuzz, but
    you won’t get bit. Oh, yeah, but they’ll probably beat you and taze you for
    messing with their dog.

  • MotorcycleK9 says:

    What do you mean inbred fear? I thought gsd’s were supposed to be courageous

  • Amanda VerBruggen says:

    HAHA…yeah, yell down, that’ll work…considering they’re trained in GERMAN

  • Erahth says:

    Essentially, there is no difference. Canine is the category of animal, if
    you like. Such as bovine means cow, equine means horse and porcine means
    pig, canine means dog. As I understand it, anyway.

  • standaR1d says:

    Hi there! It’s nice to see that you’re using Belgian dogs for these
    exercises! These are the best police dogs you can find. When you relaese
    the dog, you can use a little ball with a short rope, they will love it!!
    Greets from Belgium and keep up the good work.

  • aba2185 says:

    today for law enforcement class we had some dogs come for some demo’s i
    think they were belgium shephards

  • kigger622 says:

    tats what i worry about. a dog going out of owners control

  • demek420 says:

    what type of breed is this?

  • MrBlacknosepit says:

    Congratulations!!!! See also the video: (best pit bull in action) is quite
    astounding!!!! Thanks for vid!!!

  • yahya zalloum says:

    can you please tell me how much genetics is needed for protection wwork?
    thanks i really appreciate it

  • andysepul1 says:

    Did the dog know the comand “look” before, or did you teach it in that time
    you spend training the dog?

  • K9Deuce says:

    Who told you that shit? That’s funny! Ever heard of an override?

  • sealsniper says:

    I can see why the Germans used these dogs

  • 1mdwood says:

    what type of German

  • kwarped says:

    i have a dog that I am trying to get her trained for attack, just for
    protection. she is 7 months old. Can you tell me around about the price for
    the training

  • K9Deuce says:

    The dog has to have high “play” and/or “prey” drive and the dog realizes
    you are the source of the stimulus. That’s why I love Mali’s and Dutchies.
    This is a lot of fun but somtimes causes issue with detection work,not
    always but sometimes.

  • lovleygirl88 says:

    Where’s Hank Katts and Rudy?

  • icegangsta999 says:

    u wanna know why because ther smarter than your dog sealsniper ther one of
    the smartest dogs in the world

  • malinoiscaribbean says:

    that is not true! A K9 Dog is trained to ignore commands of others people!
    Most K9 dogs are not trained with hand commands, so that won’t work either!
    A dog will not chase you when nothing is going on with you. And to stand
    ground is the best thing you can do, because that is what tje officer asked
    you to do! But don’t think a trained dog won’t bite you when standing
    ground! One command…and he or she will bite!

  • EliteLace says:

    this video doesn’t reall tell me what is gonig on.


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