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Hunting Dog Training - Reinforcing Retrieve and Hold

This video explains how you can reinforce a retrieve to hand without the dog dropping the dummy, or bird. For more information visit …
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21 Responses to Police dog training, Miami K9 Enforcement German Shepherd

  • ☆VIRUZ☆ says:

    Hey i have a 6 month old gsd puppy i was wondering how can my dog recive
    your services . Thank you

  • Kailey Markson says:

    Yeah I wish.. I have 2 German Shepard’s only one of them protects

  • kfeems says:

    still trying to figure out why the brother had to be the bad guy

  • katesecret says:

    Amazing… the brains in German Shepards… And also the work of the
    trainers <3

  • montyy fran says:

    In my pure opinion,
    I believe they should use 75-120 pound German shepherd dogs for ‘real guy’
    criminal work. Of course, breeds like the Dutch Shepherd(my second favorite
    working dog) and the Belgian Malinois should be used, but let’s be
    realistic here..

    A big 230 pound man that is 6’2ft tall could crush a little 65 pound
    Malinois. A Malinois got thrown off a bridge in line of duty. If you get a
    90 pound GSD that is often bigger, more thicker and stronger bite… yeah,
    let’s see that happen.

    Malinois or Dutch(and GSD too.. but making a point) be used on chases down
    long highways if a criminal is running, but they should try to stop using
    the 55-65 pound working dogs for face-to-face problems. For confrontations,
    use a 75-120 pound German shepherd. For long chases, stick with the Mali or

  • Yora says:

    That’s impressive. Completely pumped up and gets down at first command.

  • TheJPJT1234 says:

    why not?

  • ZlatanYT says:

    Best dog ever, German Shepard.

  • myownruin187 says:

    Amazing job, I would love to have 2 well trained GSD to watch over my kids
    at night and the house wile I’m at work… Thank you!

  • TeamK9Club says:

    @tara6692 .. Yes Ricon was sold .

  • Tj Condoll says:

    my next dog without a doubt

  • neojudasiscariot says:

    Thinking the same thing man

  • Abbas Mohammed says:

    we allowed to have these beautiful creatures

  • Stryker Lobo says:

    It’s good to see someone in outdoor sports train using effective methods
    that are positive for the dog too. I had only seen forced retrieves in the
    past with ear pinching (negative reinforcement) rather than positive
    reinforcement (praise). 

  • Drew Shelton says:

    Nice positive training session! Keep up the great work! 

  • Supriya Rana says:

    nice video ,
    If anyone else is learn the best secrets for training their dog
    try banfan turbo dog trainer (just google it)? Ive heard some awesome
    things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it. 

  • Craig McFarlane says:

    Ha Ha u train your dogs so diffrent from the british

  • Jason Rone says:

    Great video, I have a 1.5 yrs old GSP and she will not complete a short
    retrieve to me but if a bird is shot a long distance from me then she will
    go and bring it back all the way to my hand. It is a little frustrating
    that the “simple” retrieves she won’t do but a 100 yd retrieve, she will
    come all the way back with a text book retrieve. Any tips?

  • rockybirddog says:

    Such an important often overlooked characteristic

  • Willow Creek Kennels says:

    Shelby is a German Shorthaired Pointer.

  • William Spaht says:

    What kind of dog is she?


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