Police DOG TRAINING done in this daily dog training video was taken at one of our Police K9 dog training seminars. Fred Hassen’s S…

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  • Mari H says:

    Cats as well as dogs :)

  • Alexandra Riley says:

    Awesome video!
    I’ll tell you some great ideas, tips, and instruction that will help you
    turn your dog into the best behaved, happiest, running, jumping,
    slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  • Debbie Cook says:

    *Here’s How To Have Your Dog Or Puppy Obey Your Every Command With The
    Easiest, Step-By-Step Dog Training System Available – Start Seeing Results
    The Very First Day!*

  • Funkmaster Nick says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is up in arms about Cesar, have you guys
    watched his stuff? It’s “outdated” and he trains dogs to be “unhappy” or
    “ticking time bombs”. Obviously you all haven’t watched his things because
    his center is filled with 30 or more well behaved, well socialized, happy
    dogs. His main dog Daddy is a beautiful pit that is literally the perfect
    example of a dog, although you may disagree with his methods the guy knows
    what he is doing and he never gives up or recommends euthanasia

  • MarMinx says:

    Absolute BS when ppl keep ranting about how cruel Cesar Milan’s methods
    are. Go and watch exactly how a mother Dog corrects her young
    puppy’s….she certainly doesn’t stop, get out her back of treats and
    reward the good behaviour when it pops up! Instead, she dies EXACTLY what
    Cesar dies, she gently, yet assertively first nips the side of her pup, and
    if needed, further pins her pup on its side for ten seconds until
    submission is reached, for its own safety! Dogs ARE NOT HUMAN, so please
    stop using child-like analogies or human examples to explain how we need to
    think about a dogs feelings when disciplining appropriately, because dogs
    ARE naturally part if a greater pack in their lives, and fit in
    accordingly. Stop assuming the dog that receives a firm mother-dog like
    nudge is actually sad, angry, resentful blah blah. They are not humans and
    therefore do not feel human feelings that we project upon them. Cesar Milan
    often highlights assertive discipline because he often deals with red zone
    dogs…dogs btw that Victoria Stillwell and her Positive reinforcement
    peeps usually suggest we euthanise…yet he ALWAYS emphasises that BOTH
    positive and assertive pack leader training are valuable depending upon
    that particular dogs needs. Ppl only see what they want to see. Mother
    natures way worked best b4 we humans came into dogs lives, and projected
    our human emotions on our domesticated dogs. Now we have intolerant
    trainers who shoot down others trainers who choose varied approaches. Those
    who claim Cesar Millan uses violence clearly have only seen and heard basic
    sound bites of parts of his shows. Instead, sit down and watch his shows
    properly and then tell me he is violent and barbaric.

  • Free Dog Training Tips says:

    when you use positive reinforcement you’ve got a happy dog

  • newyorkheat says:

    Cesar Milan! Shots Fired! Shotes FIIIIRED!

  • Diana Ceve says:

    There’s something incoherent in the fact that most supporters of positive
    training seem to be in some kind of war against Cesar Millan, or whatever.
    I mean, they’re positive when it comes to deal with dogs, but apparently
    with humans they work it from the negative point, criticizing and
    ranting…. I want to know their work, not their traumas.

  • Chloe Montgomery says:

    Toataly agree. People say you should just face the problem. In positive
    reinforcement training you stop the behavior before the dog turns reactive
    and turns whatever is making the dog react in this way a good thing. Just
    because caser has a tv show and is the “dog whisper” doesnt mean he is
    good. It is proven that dogs do better on positive methods. Anyone could
    clicker train a dog, i had a very rective dog and i am 14 and got myself a
    clicker and over the summer clicker trained him to…..

  • MarMinx says:

    **bag of treats
    **does, not “dies” apologies

  • ForDogTrainers - Dog Portal says:

    Why is it vitally important to praise your dog when he behaves properly?
    Learn it watching the video;)
    #dogtraining #dogvideo #trainingtips

  • walking dog says:

    toby : hi ! #positivereinforcement !!!!

    #losangelesdog #losangeles #kennethhahnstatepark #dog #dogtraining
    #dogtrainingtips #dogwalker #dogbreed #dogs101 

  • Fanni098 says:

    Lol i like how she does not mention Cesar Milan and then you have all the
    “Dog Whishperer” fans come in criticize her methods xD
    If you like Cesar Milan, then please stick with his videos. 🙂 

  • MegaMorsus says:

    What a bunch of fucking bullshit, you should definetely combine both
    positive and punitive training. Dogs will always have the instinct that
    they WANT to follow and do what their told. They will ONLY learn by their
    mistakes if you add a punitive way to your training. Just because this
    stupid woman got a english accent doesnt mean she’s smart. GET FUCKING

  • Kaybo Fisha says:

    Dogs are happiest when they are secure that they have a good strong pack

  • Oswald Thatendswald says:

    No one said anything about hitting the dog lady. You can use your own body
    language and energy to control a dog. but are you going to use positive
    reinforcement when an aggressive German Shepard lunges at you? No, you’re
    going to ignore it and THEN its gonna get worse.

  • Andrew H says:

    Trying to bite other dogs can be for a variety of reasons, but the most
    common is fear. You are most likely going way way way closer to other dogs
    than your dog is comfortable with (going over threshold). Your dog should
    be giving signs that he/she is uncomfortable at some point, try to figure
    out where this is, and stop before you get that close. If s/he can see the
    dog and is calm, give praise, if s/he barks or growls, just turn and work
    the other way.

  • Didem Dikbas says:

    I was wondering if you could put a video with Ms. Stilwell showing how to
    discourage an unwanted behavior, for example trying to bite other dogs when
    out on walks.


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