Learn what it is like to be a Bark Busters Dog Trainer. Find out the benefits of owning a Bark Busters In Home Dog training franchise. Hear the benefits of b…
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for more videos of police go here: http://policecrime.proboards28.com/index.cgi?board=www http://www.policeabuse.org/tape.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Po…

23 Responses to Own your own Dog Training Business with Bark Busters

  • Bark Busters Canada says:

    Want to join our pack? #BarkBusters #DogTraining
    Own your own Dog Training Business with Bark Busters

  • Bark Busters Canada says:

    We have a whole lot of fun sharing fun stories, photos and facts about our
    four-legged friends, but did you also know we have a whole lot of fun
    training them too? Because we do. We really, really do. Learn how you too
    can have more fun at work by doing what you truly love. 

  • Michael Glenn says:

    We provide e-mail marketing leads too. It was extremely sluggish beginning
    2012 but business is wonderful now that we’ve got publishers direct leads.
    Tell me the way your 2012 moved.

  • Corey Clark says:

    If you are an average person (not with law enforcement), can you get your
    dog trained to be like this?

  • عبدالسلام عمير says:

    اقول مهو تقرقون علينا 

  • عبدالسلام عمير says:

    اقول مهو تقرقون علينا 

  • g3fca2a says:

    Not very good training when the dog bites and locks on to the handler… 

  • Dog Training says:

    *Nice training*

  • dogma scotts says:

    There’s a parody video of this with ridiculous subtitles. If anyone knows
    where to find it please let me know. 

  • PDunkel66 says:

    Schutzhund and French Ring is really the closest you can get in the
    civilian world. If you are interested in training but don’t have a dog yet
    I would suggest either a German Shepherd or a Doberman since they are the
    easiest dogs to train for first time schutzhund handlers. Belgian Malinois
    like the dogs in this video are great dogs and perfect for this type of
    work but if you don’t know what you’re doing you could get bit like the LEO
    did at :53.

  • Mojar88 says:

    @01saltman No they didn’t you one bullet will stop it dead retard

  • fuckcalgarysucks says:


  • Anhelito Ten says:

    I want to be trained like that

  • tzane94 says:

    sometimes i shiver while im peeing

  • Ashleigh Greenaway says:

    The dogs are trained you muppets. Not all of the trained protection dogs
    let go straight away but they do let go soon after they are told.

  • christian ramos says:

    @learn54 its to protect their identity for example if someone from another
    gang saw this happen and saw the cops face who took down his buddy the will
    go after that cop

  • vinishgar VG DEAF says:

    dog police train

  • Basauri Dosmildiez says:

    asi me gusta engayillando al guia

  • sealmota says:


  • Rory Cox says:

    cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war

  • notmack says:

    0:43 that dog cop is a loose cannon!

  • HawK271080 says:

    Shit very angry dogs and look that jumps and so fast

  • Bethan .Crook says:

    Police dogs are ace! 🙂 i want one ^_^


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