Orléans Dog Training

un montage des quelques vidéos que j’ai faites en début de stage chez Orléans Dog Training avec Victorien Dupuy en homme d’attaque.
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A big part of teaching a dog to be reliable off the leash is about engaging them in a variety of games and exercises around distractions. Today’s video demon…

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  • Pauline Sampson says:

    Began this today. Good fun. Quite soon my dog lay down and fingered out how
    that touching the object with his nose worked. Shall build on this
    tomorrow. Hopefully the lying down won’t be a problem re putting his paw on
    it later.

  • people love me says:

    i cant do that my dog will get to gassy after to many treats >.<

  • Justin Bembenek says:

    what is our verbal cue for this trick?

  • Denise Sophia Real says:

    What is the dog name I got to know with no reason what is her name or hes

  • Gabriella Brennan says:

    My pals has created the in depth tutorials to guide your dog became alpha
    dog. It took him 7 years to find out, I think every pet owners will need to

  • Mary Rose says:

    I’m going to need a lot of patience in order for her to stand on it! If she
    ever does

  • Torpan International says:

    Another good piece of information

  • humidor3 says:

    Love your videos and philosophy. Keep it up. Me and my new buddy Aaron, (3
    mo. old shepherd/husky mix) thank you.

  • harsh yadav says:
  • osareafallire says:

    Awesome! Really neat video!

  • Sean Rhoades says:
  • Suffix95 says:

    I love this exercise! I do it all the time with my dogs 🙂 It’s so much fun
    to see them enjoying running to and from the disks. Thank you for this
    video, I just love how Solea looks really eager to come to you when you
    call her! – Nenne, Della, and Cherie

  • BuGzBuNNiiE2 says:

    okay two questions : 1-if u dont have a clicker can u make a sound or
    something that u do that represents a clicker 2-how can i get my dog to
    follow me and let him not to follow me (hes a pekingese) and hes kinda
    stuburn 😀 and alittle old

  • jabop says:

    this is a great video, and i really enjoy how clear the video and audio are
    – as well as the steps for each progression in training. keep up the good
    videos. subscribed, too.

  • Training Positive says:

    @fenserka You can use a consistent word like “Yes” in place of the click. I
    talk about this in my questions video. There are a lot of great tutorials
    on here on Youtube on clicker training loose leash walking that you may
    find very useful.

  • AJ says:

    hey i have lab pup and i taught him basic commands like
    sit..down…roll..shake..using clicker….he only follow the commands
    ..when i hv a reward in my hand,he smells,else in daily routine..he follows
    sit….and cannot listen commands like down….how to make him do so…and
    wht other commnds can i teach him at this period ….like he is only 2
    month 10 days..and he bites also wht should i do to avoid that..and make
    him listen…

  • mark storm says:


  • Andrea De Quintana says:

    can u please do a video on how to stop a dog from barking at a dog behind
    the fence? I’m having A LOT of trouble with that! (A LOOOT)

  • fenserka says:

    @tab289 thanks for the response! I’m still watching your videos. I just
    tried the heel command from your video and he understands it!! Now just to
    teach him not to pull and we are both going to be happy.

  • Alexia Nelson says:

    Is it possible that insted of using a clicker simply saying “yes” to wanted

  • KrazyKai0905 says:

    I’m really glad you showed the part where she kept digging at the bowl.
    Both of my dogs would keep doing that, but most people who post tutorials
    don’t show how to solve it, let alone that their dogs do it. Rock on 🙂

  • Gadense says:

    Yes, that’s fine!!:)

  • Training Positive says:

    @azmauigirl I taught the ‘off’ cue separately. I use it all the time when I
    need her to get off the bed or the couch. I used it with ‘place’ for the
    first time during filming and she seemed to understand. But I’m sure you
    could teach it in conjunction with ‘place’ too.


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