Norman is a Boxer that completed the Neuman K-9 Academy boot camp for dogs. This program covered obedience commands to sit, stay, down, heel, come when calle…

11 Responses to Norman (Boxer) – Boot Camp Level III. Advanced Dog Training

  • Isabella Stephens says:

    My friends has created the step-by-step tutorials to guide your puppy
    became alpha dog. It took him 7 years to find out, I believe every dog
    owners will desire to study.

  • Gilbert Silva says:

    It really didn’t impress me at all. My Shipoo, one of the dumbest breed
    there is, does that without the leash. It’s a beautiful specimen, though.

  • James Beane says:

    Boxers work hard and play hard. They are identical to our finest men and
    women in uniform….only shorter and more flatulent.

  • Brie Jolie says:

    Is that camp only for Boxers?

  • shannon aldridge says:

    This is no life for a dog! It’s disgusting! Dogs should be out having fun
    not this!!

  • Trollo says:


  • Brie Jolie says:

    Is that camp only for boxers?

  • fancyfinfish65 says:


  • post35king says:

    You people are retarded the boxer dog LIVES to take orders they are a
    working class dog.. Yes they like to have fun but their idea of real fun is
    to take orders and work so to speak..

  • fat jeff says:

    There in the worker class they are bred for this. If you want to say there
    not meant for this then look at videos of gay ass poodles or something.

  • eschompthis says:

    The dog isnt going to be in bootcap forever. Besides they are trained to do
    things at certain situations, they do hang out outside by themselves or
    other dogs. Its not like they are constantly taking orders.


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