Mack (English Mastiff) completed the Neuman K-9 Academy boot camp for dogs. This program covered obedience commands to sit, stay, down, heel, come when calle…

20 Responses to Mack (English Mastiff) Boot Camp Dog Training video

  • Carol Kraines says:

    The dog looks terrified and his spirit looks broken. Mastiffs are too
    sensitive to be trained this way. 

  • Bullguardo Sovereignty says:

    Good Training there, but Mack seems to have weariness of the trainer, I
    presume the mastiff is still very much a pup? Seems very small for a
    Mastiff Nice dog though and very responsive!

  • Nelson Cellarius says:

    OK. It’s a nice dog. I just don’t believe that’s it’s a pure bred English
    Mastiff. It’s lacking the proportion and he massivenes of Mastiffs. Gotta
    admit that the trainer does a good job and the the dog would dog fine in a
    show ring, given he’s AKC.

  • steven bogdalek says:

    Mack was 8 months old at the time of this video.

  • obese1konobe says:


  • Ottomastiff says:

    We cant just let a dog be a dog as they live in a world full of human rules
    and laws their don’t know exist. We need to have control so we can guide
    and protect them.

  • Brian Hagmeier says:

    Eric, phl2009: When you pet a mastiff it lowers it’s neck but not it’s
    muzzle like other breeds. What you see isn’t fear it’s anticipating

  • Anna T says:

    This dog is exhibiting submission, not fear. Here is an example of two
    feral wolves submitting to a domesticated dog. watch?v=ipDP44ErgRE These
    wolves are exhibiting submission because of what they perceive in the
    domesticated dog as a capacity for alpha position within a pack, not
    because they have been abused and are afraid. If these wolves were afraid,
    they would not be approaching this dog. Notice that they are wagging their
    tails throughout the approach and submission. Abused dogs avoid.

  • cutyoufirst says:

    Very good job! You can see that the dog clearly enjoys it! Weldone!

  • cutyoufirst says:

    Then you know nothing about the dogs. Get a hamster!

  • Victor D. Easley says:

    Pretty amazing. He heels perfectly!

  • tc25d says:

    Very impressive. My wife trained our lab almost this well using the help of
    a pro trainer in Grafton WI. Now we have an 8 week old Mastiff that she
    will train again withe the help of the trainer. you inspire us! Thx for

  • phl2009 says:

    Dog looks like he is in fear.

  • Wendy Hill says:

    I’m very impressed at your dog’s respect and constant awareness of you! I’m
    bringing home my first English Mastiff in 2 weeks and would love to know if
    you have training videos or books available for us beginners with the
    breed. I’ve had other dogs that were obediant but was told you have to
    train Mastiffs differently from other dogs. Would love to know your

  • James Anderson says:

    The dog does not look “in fear” at all…the dog looks responsive and ready
    for a command,ready to please, nice work…i think all dogs especially big
    powerful dogs should hav to undergo a level of social etiquette and basic
    training,once completed receive a certificate,n then do away with bsl n
    bannin breeds,as wrong ppl will jus find other breeds to bastardise,..kinda
    like a driving test plus,..n if ur dog has this insurance n such shud go
    dwn n strictly based on health not liability………

  • kyiengst says:

    The dog is being submissive! Not in fear. If you do not know the
    difference, don’t own a dog!

  • cutyoufirst says:

    This is exactly what I am trying to say every time! I started to train my
    dog. Soon all member of my family started to pick up. It turned into a game
    after few weeks and now my dog can: Spin, Jump, Sit, Down,Run under
    objects, Play dead, Jump over my back, jump over the leg, crate, close
    crate’s door, Hug… we learn new tricks everyday. People are sad when they
    say “Oh dog looks sad here meeeeeeh” DOGS LOVE IT!!! My dog absolutely
    loves it!!

  • Brian Hagmeier says:

    I’ve trained dogs and horses so I felt especially qualified when I trained
    my first Mastiff. chuckle chuckle Great work with the dog. They can take a
    few more reps to learn things but once they have it they are exceptional.

  • fuseman911 says:

    He looks scared to me. Maybe he just being very responsive? I appreciate
    the training. Seems a bit much to me. It is not proper. Let the dog be a

  • cutyoufirst says:

    He is not scared you silly 🙂 look at his body language closer LOL. This
    is amazing. If he was scared he would never do that. Trust me I have been
    rised with dogs. Dogs just won’t do anything if they are scared.


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