Peter Caine Dog training
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5 Responses to Leerburg, Ed Frawley hybrid dog training should be avoided……..Peter Caine dog training

  • Fred Bruckman says:

    This guy is an idiot!

  • ThisbeandPyramus says:

    I’ve watched a few of your videos and some of your ideas seem ok to me but
    your aggressive attitude seems to be out of control.

    Are you going for humor or what? Or is your video channel based solely upon
    refutation of others?

    Why not show what YOU do?


    i know you have to be a satirist regarding Leerburg. Do some serious

  • Tie Wolf says:

    I use balanced training with the Leerburg methods like a “T” and my dog is
    a service dog… Won’t hurt a fly (although he did try eating a Junebug
    the other night). We see deer, rabbits, and chipmunks on our hikes and he
    just sits on command and watches them, gently wiggling his nose to smell.
    He isn’t reactive or aggressive towards anything. People that use balanced
    training are what make up the majority of competitions and dog sports I’d
    say, and those dogs when trained to that degree aren’t trying to kill
    anything, they just stay on task and do what they were trained to do. But
    like the dog community saying goes, “The only thing dog trainers can agree
    on is that everyone else is doing it wrong.”

  • hellerase says:

    Well I try to do positive reinforcement and indeed my dog goes crazy with
    cats. Why is that so? On your other video, I have seen you training a dog
    using a chew toy surrounded by feathers. That`s too a positive
    reinforcement no? Tbh from my limited experience I realize that every dog
    is different, yea there are many dogs that are similar but there are all
    kind of insticts, favorites etc that they can have. Why are you so against
    using food ?


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