K9 dog training of a Police dog demonstration of a dog taken in and out of commands very, very quickly. http://www.sitmeanssit.com/police/k9/school Fred Hass…
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www.drsophiayin.com brings you Dr Sophia Yin’s Dog Training Philosophy. This video outlines her unique philosophy of how training your dog is similar to bein…
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29 Responses to K9 Dog Training – Dog Trainer Fred Hassen

  • Catherine Contreras says:

    I have a dog that will need a bit more training.

  • Gaylord Focker says:

    Great, i just recorded your voice saying ‘sit’ on a sampler.
    Ill just keep pressing ‘sit’ when he comes to attack me. Its just that easy

  • Jared Suddeth says:

    That’s amazing

  • anthony obeid says:

    That jump though….

  • Helmut Karl says:

    Sorry that is so terrible the Dog is good but they is a electronic dog
    trainer of this Dog so the dog will work but he is angry to make wrong work
    so let me see that the dog make this work normaly not with the electronic
    dog trainer.Then you have my respect but not so..Greats from Germany and
    very luck for the future

  • dibo197100 says:

    i do like how quick he give commands and how fast the dog respond! you can
    tell that this training is not routined training, the dog is really listing
    too whats being said! when you do schutzhund and some of the other sports
    you get routine and that’s not real training to me!!

  • igorciaco says:


  • joy1288 says:

    that dog was following commands better than i could, DANG

  • yahyazalloum95 says:

    Fred why dont you make tutorials? even paid ones i will be glad to watch
    them 🙂

  • jewie27 says:

    i’ll just shout at the dog, sit! when it comes after me…

  • Enav Canetty says:

    WOW ! this is just AMAZING to see you train a dog this beautifully !

  • sheeeve08 says:

    @PseudoScienceb20 you mean Shepherds……. but know that this dog is not a
    German Shepherd either.

  • Tyler B says:

    every dog breed are able to be trained for anything

  • theBlue123498 says:

    what a smart dog. how can i train it to be that smart?

  • Mscrazycarry says:

    woa nice 1 dude.

  • shadad sabir says:

    In pressive

  • buggativenom says:

    Well kept

  • suzie rose says:

    hello fred well your dog is certainly well trained could i ask what methods
    were used to train him? was it good with reward based system or a spray and
    pinch collar as ive seen them advertised on police training websites

  • Noel Kaija says:

    how do u get him to focus on you that way? at what age do u start training
    them? do advise…thanks for the great vid

  • VBACAC Behaviorguy says:

    Excellent video detailing relationship-centered dog training principles…

  • ChartreuseKitty says:

    Don’t be naive. Milan happened to work with Oprah’s dogs and so got
    catapulted into the spotlight. Fame does not necessarily equal good

  • cecilie horgen seim says:

    way havent her get so much respons like cesar if she is so better then him?

  • buddbb says:

    LOVE it!

  • labraw10 says:


  • Jenne Wise says:

    I find the dance stuff odd and a distraction from the message. Pause this
    video at 3:23. Kind of freaky. And, here we go again, saying that dog
    behavior happens because of human behavior. Dr. Sophia states that it is
    easy to train dogs: She should look into trademarking the term, ‘All you
    have to do…’ What do her hand motions at 3:53 mean? Looks like a motion
    of digging. If you stop the video at 3:53, you can see the dog looking at
    Sophia and looking away from her handler. Why?

  • SamsNorthernGirl says:

    Everything she says in this video makes so much sense!

  • Bruno Boulanger says:

    i hope you will can stay like you says …

  • Jenne Wise says:

    Watched the part again, at 3:53. I am guessing the the dog looks at Sophia
    because Sophia gave the dog a signal to look at her, and that Sophia’s hand
    movements are a cue for the dog to jump up, but the dog didn’t give the
    intended performance.

  • Lisa Matthews says:

    We love her, trust her, admire her, and appreciate her sooo much! – Lisa
    Matthews, Pawsitive Practice Training LLC ( Alpharetta, GA)


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