Jimmy's Dog Training - Staffy Video, Corrections and comunicating.

This is a video covering corrections and a little bit of lead work! be gentle… im not an actor! Also sorry about the car noises and old bag lady in the bac…
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Since dogs are pack animals by nature, they look for cues from you — the leader of the pack — on how to behave. Learn how to be a pack leader and watch you…

21 Responses to Jimmy’s Dog Training – Staffy Video, Corrections and comunicating.

  • james graham says:

    Hey zanab so I always use a really long rope to begin recall training. It
    help to allow the dog to “roam” whilst still having control. Practice
    recall without distractions and then with. But the long line will help to
    bring them back If they don’t listen. :)

  • james graham says:

    Susan just try being nice and firm perhaps scruffing the dog till it calms
    down. That’s what it’s mum would have done. If not seek some hands on
    professional advice. Without actually seeing the behaviour I can really
    advice all that much in a case like that. 🙁 real sorry. But just try being
    a little firmer. It’s a strange behaviour so young really? 

  • Kinny1978 says:

    awesome vid

  • karen walsh says:

    +Mike *I’ll give you some great hints, tips, and advice to help you turn
    your dog into the best behaved, happiest, running, jumping,
    slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted.*

  • Zainab Daniyal says:

    COOL VID!!!! We live in England, Birmingham and i was just going to ask how
    do i teach a staffy around 2yrs old how to recall if the dog dislikes other
    cats and chases them

  • emerald hyper slug says:

    You should not pull so much on the lead as much as i love your vidoes my
    staffies are both on harnesses as one nearly throttled itself. They both
    PULL VERY hard on the lead! I disagree with choking the dog to get it to do
    with what you want! Just because you want it to keep it to exact
    heel.Notice your dog does not wag its tail.PLEASE tone the pulling
    down!However i love your vids and the disipline was great!PS i am a vet

  • Grizz Lee says:

    cringe worthy

  • TheIdiotiKGenius - Youtube's Young Genius says:

    hahah 6:18 “wheres the bread isle?”

  • Peter Caine says:

    Looks its Cesar MIllan..that little Cesar Millan ‘Touch” is a great way to
    get bit..Do you hiss at the dog to mean “No”

  • hillarion25 says:


  • Dante Llor says:

    The dog never wags his tail and looks really unhappy :(

  • Reuben Davidson says:

    you cant just regurgitate someone elses techniques and post them as if they
    are you own! 

  • Leo Florence says:

    So just to clarify, instead of using vocal cues (so the dog knows what it’s
    supposed to do) you go straight ahead with corrections? How is that good
    training? Imagine I punched you in the head without warning, and if you
    asked why I said: “because you didn’t read my mind!”. Also, how come nobody
    notices your dog never wags his tail, never looks up to you, doesn’t
    communicate with you or shows any kind of joy for life? Because this dog
    has given up, he know whatever he does he’ll get a yank or a ‘touch’ or
    whatever so he’s not even bothering trying anymore. This is probably one of
    the worst basic training video’s I’ve seen. I have a rescue staffie and
    trained her with positive reinforcement and getting her to make her own
    choices. Guess what, she’s happy and does exactly what I tell her to but
    she’s not completely shut down like your dog is. People need to wake up and
    look at videos like this one more closely. Does the dog really look happy?
    Study some dog body language first and then come back and watch this.
    Really sad..

  • Susan Johnson says:

    I need help!
    My Staffy is 10 weeks old and I’m having trouble in dealing with her
    strong will and determination . She snaps, ((BITES)), and growls.
    1 – I’ve tried saying NO and she doesn’t take any notice.
    2 – Putting her into her cage to cool off works for a while; but 10 minutes
    later she is back trying to bite your hand or snapping at your face.
    3- Put a chew toy in her mouth for her to bite down onto.
    4 – Played outside to distract her.

    I don’t think it is play fighting because her top lip rises showing her
    needles sharp teeth with a growl before she pounces, she looks as though
    she has turned into a demon.She will go for any part of your body and will
    jump up and grab your clothes and pull. I then turn around ignoring her for
    her only to grab at my legs /skirt ?

    Its not the first time I have had a staffy, I had our Buster for 12 years
    and he never showed any aggressiveness.
    Please help; as it is going though my mind that I may have a dog that could
    be dangerous!!! 

  • Reuben Davidson says:


  • Jansku Tee says:

    One cuestion!Will you marry me? :D

  • boxnastyau says:

    Well done mate, I posted your link on my FB group Melbourne Staffy Owners.
    Asked everyone to subscribe. Where abouts are you situated ? Melbourne ?

  • Skyrical says:

    I’ve got a Staffy x Lab and shes a pup. I will try and use some of these
    tips cheers :)

  • steveljudkins says:

    just found your videos and think they are great. just about to get my first
    stuffy so been studying up and these vids are helping a heap. thanks

  • Jake brandon says:

    good info here.

  • PetCareRxVideo says:

    If your dog is acting out, try the tips in this video on being your dog’s
    “pack leader.”


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