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14 Responses to How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

  • zone07 says:

    I think the dog is a bit confused and is focusing more on the treat; once
    you present the treat, the dog gets excited, starts jumping and snatching
    the food; I think Cesar Millan’s technique is more effective. 

  • Johnny Pineda says:

    zak… is cute in a different looking way. gorgeous eye too!

  • Ryan Hoel says:

    This is a good video, BUT as he said in the beginning I have a dog that was
    bread for hunting. He doesn’t always pull but does sometimes. When he
    does pull its usually because hes sniffing something. Now, to get his
    attention back to me when hes sniffing something on the ground is nearly
    impossible it seems. Any suggestions there?

  • HM Dickson says:

    LMAO! You all are beyond pitiful 🙂 For instance you never, NEVER NEVER
    NEVER, play “tug of war” with a dog in any fashion. And you NEVER EVER use
    treats to train any dog. The dog must believe he has to obey. He will
    never just “decide” to obey, never. For instance a sharp knee to the chest
    and a sharp no when he jumps works far better than a sharp no alone 🙂
    Once you take his breath about twice, he will never jump again. Problem
    solved. You will never get a dog under control with these methods. My
    Labs will stop on a whistle at 200 yards, turn, sit, look at me and await
    command. Let me know when you get there :)

  • Nikki TP says:

    Since nobody’s saying it. People this youtuber is nice enough to display
    some positive reinforcement just like many other people who work with dogs.
    Agility trainers, Cesar Millian (with his mixtures of positive punishment)
    can we all agree that we should be all encompassing and try to figure out
    which methods work best for our loved one?

  • mobiltec says:

    B…. I am just starting with a 2 year old rescued lab. She has had no
    training other than being house broken and sit. Been working with her on
    the leash in an open environment for over a week now and very little
    progress. This video may help. We’ll see. I would like to see B please.

  • Lexie Trescony says:

    Awww Lexi/Lexie is super cute my name is Lexie and I’m getting a german
    shepherd that looks like her his name is Fang 

  • NiangoChan says:

    This shit is way too complicated. I’m going back to Cesar Millan. 

  • Brendan Kruse says:

    My dog consistently seems to forget heeling and will start to get ahead of
    me. When he does I will usually either stop or switch directions and say
    heel. But it seems to never get better. It has been several years, and
    under normal cirumstances he does a pretty good heel, but ALWAYS on a walk
    he eventually migrates ahead. Is there anything that can be done to
    eliminate this or will this always be something that we will have to
    correct during walks?

  • MrBooboonator says:

    Any tips my 9 week old retriever was great the first two days of leash
    training, now he just sits down unless i jog. Im guessing he is just bored
    with a normal walk?

  • j rock says:

    Wow ure good

  • Jude LeMoine says:

    This video is fabulous! It is going immediately to two puppy owners who are
    struggling this week with leash pulling. You are awesome, Zak George!
    Every time I am training something to new puppy owners and I need a clear
    visual way to communicate it, there you are with another clarifying video
    Thank YOU!

  • Peachyblackwhite says:

    Just put a prong collar on – so much easier to correct such behaviour.

  • castiel241 says:

    Prong collars work better. You’re basically saying you can’t get your dog
    to listen to you with out bribing it.


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