How to Train your DOG NOT to JUMP

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20 Responses to How to Train your DOG NOT to JUMP

  • Niall Fan says:

    my 3 month old puppy jumps all the time. Sometimes I’ll tell him no and
    he’ll stop. But my problem is biting AND jumping for a treat. I’ll tell him
    to sit, he’ll sit, then right before I give him the treat, he’ll jump and
    nip my fingers. And I have tried to correct him many times, “No, sit.” and
    he’ll sit and do it again. So, I have no idea how to correct him! Help? 

  • iTruth1 says:

    its kinda funny, you really dont believe in the dominance thing, but you
    are a confident and sure when working with dogs. Thats the alpha .

  • Pascal M. says:

    Hey, I’ve got a 6 month old border collie and I don’t have any experience
    with dog training.
    Here’s some problems I still have with the dog:
    – He won’t stop pulling on the leash no matter what I try
    – He will grab anything that he can get and carry it around or completely
    destroy it
    – He won’t come when called, I was using different kinds of treats and
    reward him whenever he did good but after some time he just lost the
    interest and I cant get him to cooperate again with or without treats
    – Whenever he walks on the yard freely and something passes by on the
    nearby road he will chase after it or anything else that he finds exciting
    – Whenever he’s in the house he’s so excited and running around at full
    speed, sometimes running into things and destroying them; One time he
    almost destroyed my computer by running into it.
    Could someone with experience please reply and leave me some tips?

  • Lindholmer5k says:

    You cant be all pink and fluffy like this guy suggest! They come from
    wolfs! If you dont show them you are the dominant one, they will try to
    dominate you all the time, just like you see in this video!

    Ofcourse im just kidding, great video :)

  • Edward Lee says:

    I have a 4 1/2 month old husky who’s pretty good with commands but I notice
    when ever he gets wet via bath time or a dip in the river he becomes VERY
    hyper. Almost to a point when he doesn’t care if he gets hurt and when i
    say hurt i mean sometimes he’ll try to tackle and jump on me. Basically,
    he becomes uncontrollable. Is there a way to tell him that its okay to
    play in the water, but just don’t tackle/jump on me or is his drive too
    strong to control him at this point?

  • Drea Tunstall says:

    I have a 10month old puppy who eats his poop how do I train hm to stop

  • Kevin Liang says:

    4month old Lexi to not tug on the leash I love your videos my dog is
    getting trained!

  • Trolencio Martinez says:

    great man, you explain it very well

  • Nathan Dluzak says:

    my dog keeps jumping on my pants and bites my arm and my shirt and my pants
    how can i train him not to do this?

  • Isabella CloudBridge says:

    PRETTY MUCH ALL THE DOGS’ TAILS ARE WAGING so cute!…….. My dog is the
    best in the world :)

  • iTruth1 says:

    zac you will never be your trainer until you stop comparing yourself to
    cesar’s philosophy. I actually enjoyed this video, but i can still feel
    you comparing yourself to the dominance thing. Let it go! 

  • Drea Tunstall says:

    Four month old lexi

  • Isabella CloudBridge says:

    my profile picture is not my dog in a costume with other dogs for the legs.
    my dog is black with a white chest and white paws. AND the cutest brown
    eyes! she is named Sissy witch btw I did not choose. She is a Lab and
    Beagle mix. CUTEST IN THE WORLD! I love her so much! :)right now im
    teaching her to shake!

  • jay amistad says:

    +Kyle *I’m going to show you several reasons why you have struggled to
    get your dog to listen to you. There IS an answer that will help you
    finally beat this struggle and get the perfectly behaved companion that you

  • June Luu says:

    what happens if you just came home, and your dog jumps on you, how do you
    stop them from doing that?

  • Marvin C Manga says:

    I would like to c the 6 months walking without pulling plllllllsss!!!

  • Waleed Zeidan says:

    do a video of how to make your dog to stop biting

  • Waleska Luna says:

    Nina on leash!!!! thanks….

  • Charlotte Mallion says:

    I love your videos and your methods, but I must disagree about jumping in
    some instances. There is a difference between jumping up for attention and
    affection and height seeking jumping. When they jump up, with a stiff
    body, and often wrap their paws around you, this can be height seeking
    behavior and is absolutely an attempt to gain control.

  • Kali Stanland says:

    What order should a dog be trained in? Sit, Don’t bark? don’t jump?


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