Learn information, tips and techniques on how to teach your lab to lie down on command in this free video clip. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: www.taurusdo…
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http://www.dogcollartrainingjustright.com Lab dog trianing how to collar train your dog for obedience at home. Stella, a chocolate lab used to have behavior …

32 Responses to How to Train a Labrador : How to Teach Your Labrador to Lie Down

  • jennyhigurashi says:

    One month? That’s only about four weeks. Good breeders usually don’t let
    you take the dog home until the dog is about seven or eight weeks old, in
    other words, two months. Or did you mean you’ve /had/ him for one month?

  • Black Marley Adestramento says:

    @ba258ism, Whatch my videos. My lab is three months old and I’ve already
    taught him some tricks. I started the training about a month ago, when he
    was just two months old. And since he began the exercises, he’s become more
    obedient and calm. Most of what I learned is in “adestradoronline” here in

  • Karl Kadakas says:

    Mine is abot 2 years old and he does teh same lol

  • Ted Hoff says:

    Loose the food for training lab, big mistake!! Create a natural bond while
    training Labrador Retrievers especially in the field truing!

  • John27346 says:

    Luckily, dogs aren’t pedantic so either will do.

  • nikhitakabadi77 says:

    Even.it barks.a lot

  • challaboy1 says:

    lol my dog was 5 weeks old when whe had her i said sit for fun sit! she
    sitted down..! i said lie down! she lied down o.o!!!!!! i said roll-over
    she rolled over !!! omfg i was so frikng suprised!

  • FvckOffDorks says:

    @mxcnprd10 same hirr :))

  • prettyattack says:

    @allaround1331 why? are you mean to your dog? she probably deserves a

  • Kye Irving says:

    i need a dog name for a boy message ASAP!

  • nikhitakabadi77 says:

    My dog gets scare.of crackers how.can.i.change.him

  • Dhillon63 says:

    My lab just jumps for the treat

  • Spontania24 says:

    usually, this is the best method, but if ur having problems, put them in a
    sit, then pull their 2 front legs down. mark, treat, and repeat

  • Aviral Singh Chauhan says:

    my lebrador will come in 18 after 3 days can u tell me what name can i give
    to him he is a male.

  • Boyd Crochet says:

    By the second or third day when my positioning isn’t necessary and the dog
    is responding but still sluggishly I include hand signals. I point for sit,
    flat hand for lay. As progress is made I use more aggressive hand movement
    to speed obedience. I try never to raise my voice or change tone.

  • DaddysPrincess148 says:

    My lab already nows how to sit i just told her to sit and she didnt so i
    pushed her butt down and about after 3 tries she finally found out how,
    @mxcnprd10 maybe be she has so much energy she doesnt wont to lison or just
    stay still thats what happened at first when i tried to teach mine but she
    finally caught on.

  • TheGoDzchannel says:

    meed a name for a boy lab can u message me if u have 1

  • Boyd Crochet says:

    If you are training your retriever, food just gets in the way! The dog is
    wired to please you. A trainer, perhaps not so much if there is no bond. My
    labs I just speak the command and physically position them and say “good
    dog.” Four or five reps you are done for the day. Three days max.

  • Ted Hoff says:

    The food seems like a huge distraction, have you tried training without the
    food, just positive reinforcement?

  • mxcnprd10 says:

    What age do you start training dogs to do tricks? My lab is 1 month old,
    all he does is jump around when I try to teach him to sit and stuff. Lol

  • MrsBGToya says:

    I dont need food to teach my Lab, All I Just do is get her attention like
    run up and down w/ her then I say ”Blacks, Sit Girl. Good Girl!”

  • javi0880 says:

    lay down or lie down. ?

  • Alex Grisso says:

    i get a 7weeks yellow labrador in 10 days cant wait for him , they most
    clever and nice looking dog ever.

  • FFs9990 says:

    i think it will works because my labrador <3's food ;D

  • heyheybabe1010 says:

    @tyrelmonkey umm how about Mavrick

  • ajmarkel says:

    what training collar did you use in this video?

  • Lindzuniverse says:

    You dont need those training collars, my dog will NEVER go out the front
    door without permission, wether we are standing next to him or on the other
    side of the house, I used clicker training, it works perfectly.

  • clinton2010 says:

    thats awesome.

  • livelovecyrus says:

    Thats soo cool i have 2 lab dogs and there just like that.. Mine is fat but
    you know not that that fat but yeah there all black and other one is all
    brown. LOVE THEM

  • herschyf16 says:

    I want my dog to be just like Stella!

  • banty141 says:


  • 1verstreate1 says:

    Wonderful job! Though I wouldn’t leave her to sit in a road, supervised or


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