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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Watch this new video about how The Seeing Eye trains dogs to become confident guides.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

31 Responses to How to Train a Dog to Come When Called – Tips by K9-1 Dog Training.

  • miguel diaz says:

    what age should i start training my dog? he is 2 months

  • akramul jouti says:

    interesting video

  • aussiewood44 says:

    when I go in the front garden I know I can shut the gate ,but I donyt want
    to shut it I want him to come back when called , and not run in the road

  • Jan Cofalik says:

    I have a 3 year old retriever, it generally heels but only when on a lead,
    i have started training it heel now but everytime i let her go of the lead
    she doesnt obey her comands, she sits, and gives her paw, but she just wont
    heel, is there anything specific about teaching an older dog? Thanks

  • Kim Clare says:

    Wow! Great video! I am going to watch other videos too! ^___^
    My dog is 5 year old beagle but he comes only when he thinks he can get his
    “favorite” treats like little pieces of meat. When he is not hungry
    anymore, he would totally ignore me. We pet him and give love to him all
    the time but he seems like he doesn’t like to be petted too much. What
    should I do???? T.T
    What am I doing wrong?

  • dco dco says:

    good video, especially like tips to end on a high note and emphasize to
    know what reward works for that dog. short sessions also great tip we can
    often overlook.

  • Kurt Erik Johns says:

    One guy, one room, two dogs.
    Nice and simple.
    Fixed camera was nice in that it did not jiggle and distract.
    Thank you …

  • Joey Torres says:

    Thanks for the tip 

  • Aakasha Pri says:


  • Momma5Duck says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! Love your video!

  • belinda frederick says:

    very good pointers thks i am a new pet owner i like the earn love Technic

  • romandoggrome says:

    don’t listen to this Zone7 guy, your videos are very well done and
    extremely helpful. Please keep up the good work, I’m learning a lot from
    you guys at k9-1 and it is appreciated as I am considering getting
    a dog this summer.

    I do have a suggestion or question maybe you can answer. A friend of mine
    has a Rottweiler and it is the nicest dog but if it has a bone or food and
    you were to try to go near it, it will hover over it and be very protective
    (growling/snappy etc). I was just watching a cesar Millan episode and they
    had a dog that acted the same way. I am wondering if you have any
    techniques you use starting from when the dog is a puppy to ensure that it
    will not be so aggressive in that type of situation when it gets older.

    Thanks a lot,

  • paul pimentel says:

    much bla bla bla bla

  • Gambalela Omarwa says:

    that is awesome to train the dog but is there any possible to train any
    kind of Dog even if is not a German shepherd?

  • Tara Love says:

    Might be better to show to to teach a dog to come with a dog who does nt
    come. These dogs come straight away, not what people who are searching for
    tips on getting your dog to come are dealing with. Usually they are dealing
    with a dog who ignores them. SO easy if the dog knows its name and comes.
    This kinda seems pointless, it is like your training dogs who have already
    been trained. 

  • zone07 says:

    Dude! You can make these videos much much shorter. You can start the video
    @ 5:30. You repeated yourself too many times and you should do the
    exercises while speaking; it will keep your viewers more engaged. You could
    have driven your points in about 3.5 minutes; your viewers will appreciate
    it and watch more of your videos. Your attack dog training videos are
    entertaining because the viewer is always engaged in the action. 

  • Joshua Angular says:

    Chelsey if u come over to my house ill show u how to train anything u want
    maybe train u from head to toes

  • Chelsey PB says:

    do you have any tips for a dog that is not food driven & does not like to
    cuddle/lots of love. he does love to play. I have a 2 year old pure bred

  • John Wieseler says:

    Great video Mike. I’m looking for some kind of info/video regarding
    training my puppy to stay within the border of my lot.

  • Trey Da Trainer says:

    Seeing eye dogs are great and do a good service to mandkind

  • sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

    the dogs hate this shit, they cant run free they are strangled their whole

  • LarimeWD says:

    You’re an idiot.

  • myPlaygroundEarth says:

    animals are NOT personal slaves for humans this is sad

  • Sophie AG34 says:

    I don’t think these dogs are slaves. I think they are actually sent by God
    to help us.

  • LittleOneWithWings says:

    Blind people (myself included) use screen readers to access computers and
    the internet. There are a bunch of different screen readers…

  • The Moon Babies says:

    Good thing he didn’t send us a cure for cancer.

  • JaeH Ju says:

    I don’t know much about how blind people using the internet, but how did
    you comment?

  • candymeadowalmondjoy says:

    This is an awesome video, I plan to teach my mini horse some basic seeing
    eye horse training so this help, thanks!

  • DreamOutLoud54 says:

    wow, they arent slaves. did you see how much they enjoyed this? if the
    blind person owns them, they are loved. not treated as slaves. Get your
    facts right before you run your mouth.

  • Erin Burbach says:

    These dogs enjoy their work. To them it’s a fun activity they do because
    they love their handler. Handlers are always observed for how they treat
    the dog. A dog would never be given to someone who would mistreat it. Did
    you see alll those wagging tails they enjoy guiding a human.

  • Lisa Warburton says:

    @ myplaygroundearth. Seriously? Do you have a JOB that you enjoy? Well
    these dogs have a JOB they enjoy…and when they are off work, they party
    and play too. Guess what? You can’t MAKE a dog work. They either want to or
    they don’t. I’ve raised 7 puppies for The Seeing Eye and only one didn’t
    want to work…and guess what? She’s now our family pet. Get an education
    before you start spouting untruths.


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