Dog Training. How to train a dog to attack. guard dog breeds are being trained to attack and protect using muzzles, hidden sleeve training, dog bite suits, a…

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  • soapboxearth2 says:

    i’m not going to warp my dogs’ mind and train it to attack people.i’ll
    attack the fucking people myself and my dog can just go on being a pet, not
    a monster.even police dogs make me cringe. like grow a fucking set of balls
    or dont become a cop in the first place..animals shouldnt be abused.reminds
    me of child soldiers

  • UrbanGirl Paris says:

    my dogs (10) are very very big but the problem is , they hav the
    personnality of poodles , they love EVERYONE? i bet if there was a thief,
    they d go and lick his hands !!!! this cant continue. plus they accept food
    from anyone , i need this

  • Tony Dowling says:

    What a Pair of Fuckwits I have had Dogs for Years and my training I’m proud
    to say doesn’t condone this shit. Essentially this idea of dog training is
    a lot like how us humans used to treat Physiology beating etc. These people
    should be reported and why are these fuckheads training them for ?? DOG
    FIGHTING? because you don’t ever train an attack dog in that manner . These
    Cunts should be taken down to the pound and put down (No Silly ) Not the
    Dogs the morons on two legs (Fuckin Deliverance mentality )

  • Molly Berntsen says:

    Haha! 3:25 I laughed so hard!

  • m b says:

    earl dunn you are an idiot

  • John Smith says:

    NIce advertisement video but you haven’t shown how to train a dog to do

  • Roberto Pazmiño says:

    im going to teach my dog to control the enemy and then teabag him after…
    lol that was funny 

  • Giuliano Spera says:

    on minute 3:29….

  • graygoowy says:

    My puppy just watched this, she’s tearing the head off her squeaky
    armadillo now

  • miguel moreno says:

    excellent work there, keep it up :)

  • Bryan Saint John says:

    Good Dog Training information & funny too!


  • George Dainty says:

    Only joking

  • khaled abidi says:

    3:19 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • dilligaff1979 says:

    please don’t name your vids as a how to vid when they are not even close to
    being a how to, they are more like a demo to videos show you step
    by step how to do something and explain HOW TO DO IT.

  • mtothem1337 says:

    brilliant training.

  • g balo says:

    the rotty attacked and raped that dude lmao


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