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Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to How to Teach the Give Paw Trick | Dog Training

  • lpso944 says:

    UGH! I can’t do it! I try but he refuses to stay still and then when I try
    to put out my hand he focuses on the hand of treats instead of my hand
    that’s held out for him! The only thing my dog can do is come when I call
    his name and start clapping like a seal.

  • JAY DEE says:

    your dog does it once do it 20 more times and bang you got it 

  • BlueCreeperGaming ッ says:

    wut if me dog don’t got no legs tho?

  • I don't know what I'm doing says:

    she cheats, she has a smart dog… my dog just tried to eat my hand. 

  • Naomi Hanlon says:

    This was brilliant! Took my lab a while to get him lifting his paw rather
    than just licking my knuckles, but when he started associating the two, he
    had it within minutes. Very proud pooch mama! 

  • Zomebie Slayer says:

    puppys are hard to train even if there germen shepers

  • Pastxl_Poison_x says:

    My cavachon had it within seconds!!

  • Elizabeth Woods says:

    I feel like my Doberman would get exited and bite my hand off lol well I
    guess we will try!

  • Jared Snipes says:

    mine wont use his paws he just keeps sniffing the treats and licking my

  • Linda Rogieo says:

    Thanks so much for your tutorial. My dog learned it in less than two
    minutes and that was with two other dogs butting in.

  • G Jones says:

    Nice video… now all I need is a dog.

  • Isabella McCleskey says:

    This was great. It helped me a lot! My dog learned it easily. :)

  • KR Vip says:

    My puppy is 5 month and learned it in seconds :D

  • Valentina Moro says:

    It worked in two days!and my dog is 9 years old not a puppy. Thanks very
    much. But will they give paw even without treats? My dog only give paw if
    she knows treat is coming 

  • Alex Garvey says:

    Outstanding tutorial, I did this and my dog learned paw within 3 minutes.
    Great video!

  • FizzypantsGamingHD says:

    Lol 1:48 when his paw touches my paw

  • Jas Leverette Dog Trainer says:

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