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The Heel command or walking your dog properly is one of the most important commands to get perfect with any dog. Here are some tips on how you can do it fast…
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23 Responses to How to Solve a Jumping Problem | Dog Training

  • Nadine Erekat says:

    Another thing is, I’m not sure if I would hold a treat in the air like
    that. It’s in a dog’s nature to jump/attack whatever is in the air (which
    may be why someone is saying they got bit on here). You can train no
    jumping and sitting without doing the in the air treat thing. It’s better
    to train the dog WHEN jumping is acceptable (and when it isn’t), versus not
    allowing any jumping at all. Jumping is a form of exercise that is good for
    your dog. I allow it when we are playing with toys, and I allow him to grab
    things in the air from me. The key is not jumping on PEOPLE. And showing
    patience by sitting before any treat or food. 

  • Nadine Erekat says:

    +callmeconny The only times she was feeding the dog was when he was in a
    sit position, or when he left on the leash and went back to her. We don’t
    know what the situation is with this dog, but judging from the dog’s
    behavior it seems like he was never trained to sit for extended periods of
    time. That may be why she is continuing to reward him so much in the
    beginning of this video for merely continuing to sit. Notice that at 45
    seconds in, as soon as the treats stopped, he tried to get away.

  • Andrea Arden Dog Training says:

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  • Andrea Arden says:

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  • Andrea Arden Dog Training says:

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  • D0wnerBrowner says:

    patients comes to those who wait…well no shit

  • Tara Allayssa says:

    i am soooo not ganna try this because if i do my dig will probly hate me
    and its kinda cute wen my dog jumps——i dont want that to stop her

  • dogtricksbySIG says:

    please look my first video and subscribe if you like

  • HundinVergewaltiger says:

    omg!!!!my dogs last problem is going to be solved!!!

  • MW3killer56 says:

    That dog is cute

  • Kieran Jueby says:

    1:31 get anything he wants?!? wtf u retarded? hes a dog he shouldnt get
    whatever he wants just cause he sits down -.- thats why hes so fat -.-

  • dinahmanatee says:

    I have a dog that looks exactly like that

  • Ari Perez says:


  • Dakota Royal says:

    No touch no talk no eye contact ~Cesar Millan

  • Mariah Smith says:

    I need to do this with my pitbull because one time my cousin came over and
    I want her to see him and when he saw her he jumped on her for greeting her
    and my cousin got scared.

  • Ratko Mladic says:

    My dog broke leg,so he dont jump.

  • callmeconny says:

    why the hell does she keep feeding that dog? so not necessary!

  • onetwothreekawaiiify says:

    what about when people come into your house and you dog trys to jump on
    them? do the same thing?

  • milaluke1 says:

    Good tutorial!!! My dog needs to learn to not jump on people!!! 🙂

  • Mikesheesh says:

    @D0wnerBrowner Lol you’re dumb.

  • roxyluvslumpy says:

    puppies will be TRAINED, THXXXXX

  • meetajhu says:

    Guess what. My dog just bite me. Get lost how cast none of your stuff works
    from girls to dogs

  • skittlezareyummy says:

    Lol I don’t even have a dog


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