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So here’s our latest do-it-yourself video. In this clip we cover the walk, how we go about creating it, as well as discussing many of its benefits. Simple, e…
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6 Responses to Havok (5 month old Great Dane) Before and After – Dog Training Durham Raleigh

  • Off leash K9 Training says:
  • Isla Mealmaker says:

    Excellent clip!
    I’ll tell you some great hints, tricks, and strategies that may help you
    turn your puppy into the best behaved, most happy, jogging, bouncing,
    slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  • Mary Ann Curtis says:

    Thank you, Sean. I love the way you teach. I fell off the
    ‘teaching/learning better dog walking techniques’ wagon over the winter but
    this video reminds me to jump back on.

  • Aki H.ravenclaw says:

    It depends. his tail is not down,its in between,his body is not tense,so he
    does feel uncomfortable,and his ears where forward wich means he was
    getting focused on something,up is not bad,forward is. if a dog closes his
    mouth it is also focused. ears are not the only indicator that a dog is not
    feeling well.

    Yes prongs are not the best but they are not the monster tools we hear,it
    depends on the person using them and how it was introduced to the animal.

    Charlie here seems pretty focused on walking forward and not looking here
    and there,which means he stopped feeling conciuos about every little thing
    around him.

  • Reshma Sapre says:

    I started using this pop technique last night with my dog who’s generally
    pretty well behaved and trained, even still, I notice a big difference in
    how he’s walking and taking the lead from me rather than just sniffing at
    what he likes. Living in NY, there are a lot of electrical dangers for dogs
    who like to tinkle where ever and I try to keep him away from anything
    metal, but your advice has made it just that much easier. Thank you:)

  • MixedChick7600 says:

    I been using your tips with my dog to better his walk.works really well.I
    finally enjoy walkin wit him:) can you do a video on how to stop jumping
    and stay calm when there’s guest.I always hav to keep him in cage cause he
    so hyper he is 63lb pitbull jumps real hard on people.please please make a
    video lol


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