This video was taken a month ago in a friend house, he as 2 young lab at the moment which is training , they are two very different character with you will s…
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11 Responses to Gun Dog training by David Will.

  • Stevo Smith says:

    Hey mate im just wondering could u train a colie at 14 months old and chow
    would I grt her to tack the animals back onc there deadc

  • SuperGino9 says:

    Hi,good work,
    What kind tone wissle do you use?

  • SirWalrus says:

    0:54 Hello there :]

  • NoBull60 says:

    Very impressed! I love Labrador’s. Is the trainer a Scotsman? He handles
    his dogs very well. Sounds like the same accent as an older couple I know
    here in Canada. Fun people to be with. Thanks Sercout.

  • Joseph Kopp says:

    Boy! what a nice young dog he’ll be a Champion. I’m new to your channel but
    like what I see. Good Job.

  • Ser Cout says:

    Thank you glad you find something of interest in my work:) glad to have you
    on board. Best regards sercout

  • Ser Cout says:

    Yes is a thru scotsman 🙂 and he is a very experience dog handler to:)
    thank for the kind words best regards sercout

  • Scottish sheen says:

    nice vid mate keep them coming =]

  • Denise Sykes says:

    I really enjoy the rapport and overall respect he shows towards the dogs.
    His accent is so sweet.

  • Jackson Hughes says:

    Hey, I was so happy when I found – i found my dogs
    behaviour drastically improved after i followed their program and couldn’t
    thank them more. Its the first place i check now if i need some help.

  • Waldhandwerk says:

    Good job and nice dog! ATB Sepp


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