As guide dogs approach a curb, they stop so their owner makes it safely. Learn how guide dogs help blind people to get around curbs from a guide dog training…

14 Responses to Guide Dog Training : Guide Dog Training: Curbs

  • flukeman022 says:

    What are you trying to say?

  • crazypianolady says:

    Oh I agree so much! I have a 10yr black lab too, and my word, if there’s
    food about you just can’t get her eyes of it!

  • HerringBone says:

    lmao first expertvillage video i’ve seen where the comments aren’t just
    completely ripping it apart

  • kkoda23 says:

    Great video! thanks for posting! 🙂 Guide dogs are awsome.

  • AdZander9 says:

    @NitrousZX7 hahahahahahahahaha

  • Bonnie Prestegard says:

    How does the dog know there are no cars coming? How do you teach them that?

  • loxican1 says:

    Who blind dog out guy

  • rachaelannedonnelly says:

    I used to have a guide dog and we were taught not to stop on the up curb
    because you’re on a the road. Instead you feel the harness going up and a
    step later you walk up the curb. Still quite effective but I prefer this
    method as it gives more time to actually find the up curb

  • MJAngelLove says:

    I got my guide dog Yasha from Guiding Eyes For The Blind. Not sure what you
    all tell the dog to go to the curb but I was trained to tell her “To The

  • Sarah Jane says:

    Listen to my story., When i got my lab puppy I used
    it’s an online do training programe wih excellent results, they have videos
    to help you out and sections just for helping you train your new puppy.
    Helped me in so many ways

  • SilverFlame819 says:

    Interesting. I am not blind, but I have taught all my dogs to stop at the
    curb with the command “Road”. I stop at every single intersection. It
    confuses some drivers who stop to wait for me to cross, and then I stop
    when I have the right of way, but my dogs are never allowed to touch the
    street without a release. I figure some day I’ll have a dog off leash (by
    accident or on purpose), and not touching the road without a release will
    save their life.

  • musikprincess21 says:

    The dog is not taught to listen for cars. When a blind or visually impaired
    person is training with a guide dog, it becomes their responsibility to
    know whether it is safe to cross. The dog is just used as a visual aid as I
    understand it.

  • Junomoono says:

    Great video! I’m a puppy walker so it’s interesting to know what will be
    expected of our pup XX

  • normalguyable says:



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