Electronic dog training - Collar wise?

Dog Training collar on or off Fred Hassen’s dog ‘Bo’ working without a remote dog training collar on in this dog training video that deals with whether the d…
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7 Responses to Electronic dog training – Collar wise?

  • KIBAfang90 says:

    I wonder why you would even bother taking your sit means sit collar off! I
    mean its waterproof too! Anyways Im going to order one soon, hopefully
    tommorrow. I just havent had much money because im moving. And my vet loves
    to bleed me dry, by ordering way more cosequin than i requested…not the
    first time with this vet!

  • Jason Dawson says:

    Can you suggest a certain e-collar?

  • USA4thewin says:

    Awsome training

  • jattforjatt says:

    omg holy shit that a good trained dog can i have him does he bite like if
    you tell him to get that person will he run and chase the person down and
    tackle him and growl at him and keep him down?

  • Sabot46290 says:

    Hmmm…there seems to be a lack of “OMG SHOCK COLLAR” comments on this
    vid…that must mean you’re putting your money where your mouth is and
    they’re just talking hot air! Good job, Fred!

  • wolfydan121 says:

    is he a mallinois? great job with him!

  • Beatris Godoy says:

    Hi Fred! Do you think it’s possible to have a Basset Hound as well behaved
    as your dog?


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