Noted veterinarian and dog trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar offers a few of the “million different ways” to train a dog, outlining three simple strategies. EG is the c…
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15 Responses to Effective Dog Training – Ian Dunbar

  • Kunal Dutt says:

    He is jealous of cesar millan because he is more famous and successful.
    Ian dubar is such a loser, moron, bullshitter and is a fucking blowjob ! 

  • Donnie Shaw says:

    This guy really knows what he is talking about

  • sanmatrix2 says:

    Alot of these academics are just talk , talk and talk. Many are against
    Cesar Millan simply cause he does not have credentials and they deem his
    techniques cruel. But do you think in the wild, the mother dog actually
    tells her pups nicely ‘ Hey sweetie , stop biting your siblings’ and then
    when the pup stops, it is rewarded with treats? These ppl should remember
    that Millan deals with EXTREMEMLY AGRESSIVE dogs in the red zone , whereby
    SEVERAL TRAINERS USING YOUR SHIT METHOD have failed. Cesar loves dogs and
    his method do not really cause grevious hurt. So instead of just talking
    your way, do have a show with better proof with ALL kinds of dogs.

  • Stephanie Bell says:

    THIS Is a FANTASTIC video 

  • The Pets Practice says:

    One of the questions we are asked most frequently when we see new puppies
    (or indeed rescue dogs that are a little older) is ‘How do we train them?’.
    If you and your puppy have attended one of our puppy socialisation classes,
    you will have picked up many tips from Vet Kylie Birch. Kylie is always
    available for advice on training and behavioural issues, so feel free to
    call her to discuss your questions, but in the meantime, check out this
    interesting video.

  • Four Legged Friends says:

    An entertaining look at dog owners and their perceptions about dog

  • sia k says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease hellllllllllllllllpppppppppp
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease hellllllllllllllllpppppppppp

    my male puppy is 7 month now, he is pretty much fully putty trained.
    However recently he has started to pee inside the house which i believe is
    him marking his tertory and i just can’t stop him from doing so. what
    should i do? 

  • prasenjeet rathore says:

    Ian Dunbar is such a loser ! 

  • kamrun nahar says:

    Alright there! Have you ever tried Cesario Bad Dog Buster (should be on
    google have a look) for dog training? Ive heard some cool things about it
    and my mate had excellent success with it.

  • MsMerryland says:

    I have so much respect for Dr Dunbar. Were it not for him we’d still be
    rolling up newspapers and rubbing our dogs noses in it. Dr Dunbar
    revolutionized dog training around the world, the 1st to do any of the
    common methods we use today. Kudos, nobody, but NOBODY, can take that from

  • jochris262 says:

    You were fortunate Grace. Not all dog owners are like that.

  • animallover5626 says:

    Being their leader solves a lot of behavior problems because they actually
    respect you.

  • brae raphael says:

    @trondyne Actually, Ian Dunbar works with very very aggressive dogs. You
    should look up the bite scale that doctors use to evaluate dog bite cases.
    You will see that Ian Dunbar made the scale. SO if anyone knows about
    aggression in dogs, and we mean severe aggression, it would Ian Dunbar.

  • tehstormie says:

    JessCapps – exactly. There are a number of good approaches to training. Ian
    Dunbar and Cesar Milan have similar approaches. It takes a long time to
    train a dog, and a lifetime to keep a dog well behaved. It is a matter of
    finding a training system that you are comfortable with and practicing it

  • trondyne says:

    @cinejan A lot of what Ian says is very compatible and in line with Cesar’s
    way. It all comes down to results. Many owners will find simple fixes are
    easier to manage because of their own limitations–not everyone can pull
    off being the pack leader. Cesar is known for dealing with extreme cases
    where a simple solution isn’t possible. There is no simple fix for red zone
    cases and many accepted good guy trainers will say these cases can’t be
    helped–and this is when Cesar’s way shines..


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