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20 Responses to Dog Training – Walking on leash

  • yankeesny08 says:

    hey my goldenlabs names champ!! 😀 aha

  • mussman717word says:

    @Darthbelal Yeah, but there’s a difference between a good dog and a
    pre-programmed dog.

  • CryWolf915 says:

    but pups have more advantages, more playful, cuter, and not as lazy lol

  • Thewaterofthepool says:

    I have a Jack Russel Terrier and she ALWAYS pulls the leash, she’s actually
    walking ME! I usually take her out with my brothers, so when she notices
    that someone from the family is ahead of her she runs and pulls until she
    takes the lead -_- sometimes i stop and say STAY! but she wont hear me D:
    not even when she’s tired, and I can’t stop because she chokes herself with
    the leash DX

  • jhonycolombian says:

    can someone help me ugh i have a little pitbull shes about 3 months and im
    trying to get her to walk on leash but she wont she keeps pulling and
    trying to get out of the leash and wont walk 🙁

  • Sordok says:

    I have a husky that pulls when you walk it. a harness can help out a bit
    with that?

  • gungadin777 says:

    Beagles are one of those “always on a leash” pets. Their nose commands them
    by breed. If let off their leash, they will simply get on the trail of
    something, and they will run until they get themselves lost. So, enjoy your
    beagle in your fenced in back yard running free and then put him on a leash
    to enjoy a nice walk in the park.

  • maged125cg1967 says:

    do not be afed from the dog and try to geve hem a fod and tatsh hes fase

  • Soteniliene says:

    You should never let your dog off the leash, anywhere. It’s dangerous to
    your dog and others.

  • WileyTDog1 says:

    @Darthbelal Great comment.

  • Eva Tyniec says:

    Good lesson and smart Thank you

  • Steve Alzate says:

    Please help!! I have a 11 month old Samoyed and he just seems to go ape
    when he´s on the leash… other that that he listens really really good..
    he sits, barks, eats, etc on command… its just that one I cant cope
    with.. please help Thank you 🙂

  • James Wilkinson says:

    Having a puppy is very very hard work, a lot of responsibility and pretty
    expensive too

  • hey chancho says:

    @umurcan96 pitbull aka am staff

  • JKidd16 says:

    how do i get my dog 2 stop going crazy when i grab the leash

  • BiG_i says:

    I think at times the puppy doesn’t understand what is going on. I know that
    mine was very confused by the leash the first few times I used it on her.
    Just be patient and be encouraging. I just left the leash on my puppy and
    walked off and eventually she followed with some coaxing. Then the next
    step I held on the leash and walked as far as i could and waited for her to
    come. After a bit curiosity got the better of her and she followed me
    everywhere…my dog is a boxer though.

  • zekeandcharlie says:

    I can feel for you. My dogs come back……usually after me yelling for
    about an hour all stressed out.

  • DJ Kris with a K says:

    my basset/beagle mix – put in new harness and wont walk – jsut sits there-
    wont wlalk with leash on collar either– soon as u try to walk he jsut
    plants himself – so frustrating- trying to leave harness on him so he gets
    used to it but still he wont walk on it? wih he would jsut pull me and I
    can control that but he jsut sits and wants me to drag him-LOL

  • koeylondon says:

    @Thewaterofthepool and tajuan1998, The problem here is basically the same.
    The dog doesn’t understand that you’re the Alpha and that what you say
    goes. A lot of times, this can be fixed by making the dog sit before you
    feed, before you put on the leash… before you do anything, really. Also,
    don’t let them run the house. If they misbehave, make them sit, lie down,
    roll over, etc until they’re back to looking to you. Should help immensely.

  • Ryan T. says:

    Your baby is adorable


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