Dog Training - Train Your Dog to Stand on Command

See More @ ) Dr. Ian Dunbar shows how to teach your dog to stand on command. To truly teach your dog position changes, you’ll n…
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17 Responses to Dog Training – Train Your Dog to Stand on Command

  • Kimberly Gingrich says:

    What is a suitable time to do obedience training. I was told two hours a
    day, but some say 5 minutes? I have an 18 month old Lab.

  • Ocean Faruk says:

    Hey! Video is cool, Thanks! There is this fantastic FREE download guide at
    “Brendt Mastery Dog Training Guru” (do a search on google)? Hurry before
    the FREE manual is taken down! 

  • trainpawsitive says:

    “Stand” is an important cue. it’s also good for dogs that are not able to
    sit due to injury or arthritis. 

  • TheCasti96 says:

    My uncle got a Pug but not a French Pug, well all dogs are special 🙂

  • DogStarDaily says:

    Yes, a video of you trying it would be a great idea, then we could tell you
    if you need to adjust your mechanics or something else.

  • magnoliasouth says:

    I agree about the less cooperative pup. Most videos say “Just do this” and
    the dog does what the trainer wants. It’s never that simple! Learning dogs
    have no idea what you want. For example, one video was teaching shake. The
    trainer said, “Just hold your hand out and when the dog places his paw in
    your hand, treat and say shake.” Well if it’s that simple, then why are we
    even teaching this to the dog?! Problem is, they DON’T put their paw in
    your hand. Many thanks for being aware of the problem.

  • DarkCrime08 says:

    fast! 😀

  • PatrickStarGuitar says:

    I may start doing videos so you guys can see if im doing something
    wrong…. My Husky caught on at 7 weeks he could do so much more than my
    German Shepherd who is 18 weeks…. I just dont get it

  • fr34kyg1rl1990 says:

    My 9 week old puppy doesn’t get stand because for some reason, she defaults
    to an auto-stay. I never taught her stay, but she somehow feels if I say
    down, she has to stay down until I give her a reward. So I try to lure her
    to stand and she will just sort of jump a bit and then immediately fall
    back down and look at me expectantly ^^ What can I do about this?

  • Robert Cowen says:

    Thanks. We used your techniques. They were very helpful.

  • carmenbuit says:

    @Janeway1269 Fading food prompts & food rewards is another phase in
    training, just as fading leash jerks and collar “corrections” is. No matter
    which is your training method, you can become dependent on your motivator
    (which it sounds like you did) if you don’t know how to gradually reduce
    and replace its use. Find yourself a good, positive trainer to show you the
    next steps. Ian’s lure-reward method seques beautifully to hand signals (no
    treat in hand), then reducing reward frequency.

  • Nancy He says:

    ._. my dog just screeches his ass on the carpet without lifting his back
    legs towards me……. he doesnt stand……

  • Arthur Aguirre says:


  • magnoliasouth says:

    Excellent video and very helpful. Many thanks. 🙂

  • Finn Mae Harris says:

    I agree with what you say about cesar, but I am reading one of his books to
    expand my dog training knowledge

  • Finn Mae Harris says:

    Cesar’s Rules, Sarah. I also want to read that one and there is another
    one… Cesar’s rules

  • Edwin Guzman says:

    Two pits 9 dogs


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