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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dog Training: How to Train Your Dog to Not Pull

Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 Responses to Dog Training: Top 10 Things You Should Teach Your Dog First

  • Demigoddess011 says:

    I love to see people connecting with their animals like you with your dog,
    it’s heartwarming to watch. I know discipline and training are important,
    but I have a dog because i want a companion and friend by my side, not a

  • Ella Stromberg says:

    As puppies corgi’s are adorable

  • Hardeep Braich says:

    Your dogs don’t listen to you. Don’t you ever tell them to do something
    and expect them to listen?

  • Sandi Herschberg says:

    +Marie *I’ll expose some shocking truths about just why your dog is
    currently behaving the way he is!*

  • j rock says:

    Aww such a sweet dog!

  • Michael Rossi says:

    This is the first video I have seen on your channel, what kind of dog do
    you have? :D

  • champagne5552000 says:

    looks like he has a koolaid ring

  • Baba Looey says:

    Even his own dog doesn’t even respect him. And you’re supposed to be a
    trainer?…ok lol

  • norawydarkness says:

    All haters:
    The dogs arent trained to be fully controlled. They want to have fun too.
    When they arent training they should be allowed to play with both their
    trainer and eachother. This dog was just trying to get some attention and a
    little bit of scratching maybe:) Dogs should be able to have fun even
    though they are not as intelligent as we are. Respect the animals


  • dooggyloover says:

    My German Shepherd, Dutchess, does the same thing as Supernova did in the
    beginning. Normally her reasons for doing, though, are 1. she wants to go
    outside 2. she wants something to eat 3. she just wants attention. 

  • Ted Zhou says:


  • Amanda Harding says:

    Maybe thats why they are looking at u

  • TVS Aditya Sandeep says:

    Whoa!!! Your boder collie is doing cute and comedy actions at starting of
    this video.

  • Secret Dog Training says:

    Dog Training: Top 10 Things You Should Teach Your Dog First

  • Dimm L says:

    Why my dog is not following the lure? I cannot teach him to sit.
    Is that because he does’nt like the treat? Or what?

  • Suzanne Rye says:

    Haha! Love your dog! So cute! <3

  • Wayne Traff says:

    Hey! Have you considered – Burdan Gifted Canine Expert (google it)? I’ve
    heard some awesome things about it and my friend got amazing results with

  • lola sparkle msp says:

    your so awesome xxxxx love your dogs they are so are lush x

  • zhubenn says:

    lol i cannot stop staring at his eyes. its pretty.

  • mssarmu says:

    I just wish someone, SOMEONE, would post a video with a dog that’s not
    already fucking trained.

  • Jake Cakeish says:

    Please help! My dog puts her head down when I try to walk her with a plain
    colar she is fine with a “halter” not a harness but like a halter and I
    have trained her to acept a “bit” in her mouth it is just a headband loosly
    in her mouth she moves like a dream but my dad hates both and doesn’t want
    me useing them for.walking her with a colar and she is.a.doberman
    but I am.a bit stronger then her.

  • mary p. says:

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    /ILoveMyDog7 in facebook. I’m sure you are gonna love it!

  • j Somar says:

    toby: the more we know !!!

    #dogwalking #dog #dogtraining 

  • I. Hen says:

    My high energy female Lab-Rot-Dob and German Shepard and Pittbull (yes, all
    that in one beautiful dog) will not pull on the leash, if and only if,
    being with me is more interesting than what’s ahead on the trail or the
    sidewalk. The first 15min are a bit challenging, I have my bad days too.
    She’s 8 months old and still hyperactive. The trainer says it all : being
    patient and consistent and communicating with the dog is the key. Even if
    my dog is a mix of the most aggressive breeds, I can talk to her *in her
    face*. All I had to dodge from that move if a lick on the nose. :-)

  • MechaAkuma says:

    This video is fucking useless because he is using a pre-trained dog.
    Seriously. Do fucking unhelpful for a person who is looking for some real
    help. Redo the video and do it properly. This whole thing is staged, fake
    and complete garbage. 

  • Quaking Aspen Productions says:

    Thank you! This helped my dog Lucy and I do good walks! :D

  • IhavelicensetoDrive says:

    If jackvale and vitaytz (probably got that name wrong) had a baby, it would
    look like this guy

  • Barbara Watson says:

    My dog won’t walk period on a leash

  • Veejay Singh says:

    You got a problem with ur dog ? .. Cesar milan it 

  • Omnomnomivore says:

    Thank you sooo much for this! This helped me and my Pitbull (daisy) out a
    TON!!! I’m so glad I found your channel!

  • Nichole Rebecca Tynes says:

    How I can stop silva not to pull me 

  • MangoSongSinger0405 says:

    it works!!!!!!!

  • barkingmadtraining says:

    Dog barking is also used to get attention or to intimidate the dog owner or

  • James Givens says:

    It is irresponsible for this “dog trainer” to tell owners to “get in their
    dogs’ face”. If a person has a dog who is intimidated or aggressive at all,
    “getting in their faces” could be a problem. Also, I would really like to
    see this technique work with a dog who is high-energy, highly distracted
    and immediately pulling. This dog does NOT act like a “total nut” when
    outside. Clearly this trainer hasn’t dealt with dogs who are better
    described as “total nuts”. If all dogs were this calm, no one would have
    a problem teaching their dog to walk on a leash. 

  • Mysti Roberts says:

    I am using this method with my dog, she is high energy and in a hurry to go
    everywhere. It didn’t start working for me until I started ‘in’ the house.
    My dog isn’t perfect yet, but she is doing great.

  • Natisha Peguero says:

    Need help I have a 2yr old German shepherd name Khloe that is to protected
    she won’t let people pet her or get close. She has started now to snap at
    them I have train her on the basic commands but she has problems with stay
    and can get very anxious can u please make a video on how to teach her to
    be calm around a person and kids. Thanks :-)

  • Najgee says:

    Thx you so much bless you!!

  • Priscilla Walker says:

    I really think this is a good idea for a smaller dog. My dog weighs 100+
    lbs. He is/was not leash trained at all. He was pulling me off my feet and
    I am not a small person. Since using the prong training collar I have had
    excellent results. I did not have to do much of anything except praise him
    when he got it right. I just got him two days ago. I think different
    training for different dogs. Just like with humans. What works for one dog
    might not work for another. 

  • deve6641 says:

    Great video! I did notice one thing though… it seems like a kiss on the
    nose, to a dog, would be more akin to a correction since mother dogs
    correct puppies in s similar manner. I’m sure your dog now knows what you
    mean but it might not be good for everyone to put their face so close to
    their dog’s face as a reward. 


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