Dog Training Tips: Make Dog Toys from Garden Hose Cheaply

Learn how to make three great toys from used garden hose: a hoop, a floating flying disc and a great tug and throw toy. Jessie demonstrates their use during …
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8 Responses to Dog Training Tips: Make Dog Toys from Garden Hose Cheaply


    On turning you old garden hose into dog toys…

  • Nancy Tanner says:

    This is awsome! say, have you found that the super grippers can bite
    through these fairly easily, or not so much…

  • Donna Hill says:

    I’d be honored!

  • MyBestBUDDYIsAGoat says:

    One problem, they will see your real garden hose and chew it up! JK! Great

  • Donna Hill says:

    @MyBestBUDDYIsAGoat I thought that at first too! LOL! Jessie is actually
    afraid of the hose when it’s on, or even laying on the ground. But cut it
    up and the game is on. This is one of her favorites that I use to motivate
    her for agility and Rally! She loves to tug it as well.

  • Loveoldies50 says:

    Hoses are made from plastics that are dangerous, which it why only some are
    rated as hoses for water consumption in a camper, etc. so, I suggest that
    if you choose to make these that you use only those rated as safe for water

  • Donna Hill says:

    Yes, pretty much any dog can bite through these pretty quickly if you let
    them chew it. They are more of a tug or throw toy. But as there is usually
    many more feet of garden hose left over from making a few toys, that is not
    usually a problem! VBG! There may be some hoses that are thicker that may
    tolerate more roughhousing.

  • amazingmutts says:

    That’s a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing this. Is it okay if I put
    this video on my website?


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