This video covers the basics of dog training tips to teaching your dog how to play frisbee, or disc dog, with you. Maxx, a 12-year-old rescued border collie …
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Dr. Ian Dunbar discusses his upcoming seminar tour, in which he’ll addrss three pressing concerns in dog training: 1) We’re wasting puppyhood 2) Dog training…

23 Responses to Dog Training Tips – Learning to play frisbee, or Disc Dog, with Maxx the border collie

  • talbotDB9 says:

    Can’t even hear what your saying.

  • TH2HUNTERZ says:

    Are u retard?


    Think about teaching your dog how to catch Frisbee this weekend. It’s
    easy. Here’s how…


    It’s a great weekend to teach your dog how to CATCH Frisbee. It’s easy!
    Here’s how…

  • natalia wasilewska says:

    Max is really smart and tallented dog I see. I love border collies and
    golden retriervers.

  • wishwaif says:

    I have an older rescue that looks like this when playing. I feel better
    now. Thanks for posting this.

  • Rebecca Blake says:

    Thank you I appreciate the steps

  • Glen H says:

    My Aussie loves the frisbee, but he tears it apart as soon as he gets to
    it. any suggestions on how to prevent that?

  • BrawMe says:

    I absolutely love how driven Border Collies are 🙂

  • NikkoVee says:

    Your dog is so smart! lol, when I get level with my Red Heeler, he just
    jumps on me or just takes it out of my hand.

  • 3LostDogs says:

    Great video, nice introduction for anyone looking to start disc dog
    training. And Maxx is a good looking dog. 🙂

  • natalia wasilewska says:

    Heeee’s so cute

  • metalgear32 says:

    i really cant hear what he talking…

  • MegaSeawood says:

    can i tech this shit to my lab whos 1 week old

  • Chuck Norris says:

    i have 1 question cause im getting a borde collie, is he like extra fluffy?
    or is that how all are or is it when they get older?

  • moozeluv says:

    nice dog it looks like mine watch my vids and ull see

  • Risky Reid says:

    @missMAEcup shocked me too!!

  • VidiMene says:

    thx man for the tip.,..damn it we just went it started raining :).. however
    we practiced a bit ..she caches .. it is me who must train patience and
    relaxation when I work with her in the neighborhood as all stare :)!

  • missMAEcup says:

    wow Max is 12?! he looks and acts so young! beautiful boy, great video!

  • Canhardly says:

    Hi Ian, glad to see you are going to be out and about again. Something I
    have experienced in my own practice, is the difficulty of getting the
    owners to fade out the food in the hand! It is so reinforcing to them to
    get that quick response. Even when they complain about it!! Patience is a
    foreign concept in many these days. The other is getting more people to
    continue with lessons, economy seems to be the excuse most often. It takes
    special folks to get their dog to OUR criterion!

  • david davies says:

    Great words. Simplistic – but thats whats been missing for years

  • Malibu Dog Training says:

    I agree Ian, I’ve noticed the same thing for a while. I’m glad you’re going
    to speak about it.. Happy travels.

  • Kelly Gorman Dunbar says:

    @TaoBowWow Ian will be all over the U.S. this year and into 2011, Richmond,
    VA Boston, Houston, Anaheim, Minneapolis and more. You can find his full
    schedule on his website James and


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