Train a hyper dog by using a leash, incorporating code words, and by taking control when it’s not time for them to be excited. Learn to train a hyper dog wit…
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13 Responses to Dog Training Tips : How to Train a Hyper Dog

  • Brandon maxwell says:

    that is not a hyper dog

  • Much Doge says:

    That dog isn’t that bad, god I would love it if my dog acted like that.

  • csl2063 says:

    You call that a hyper dog???

  • Billy Smith says:

    One thing I would suggest change your tone of your voice with commands to
    the dog.Postive rewarding use a more high pitch voice and negative more
    deep voice.

  • BlackHawkDown1989 says:

    Cool vid! I’ll have to try this with my Jack Russell 🙂

  • s3xypinkkisses2 says:

    Thats NOT hyper at all, thats just basic training! My 3 month old puppy
    learned all that in puppy classes…… except better cuz when he learned
    leave it, it means no matter what you cannot touch what i asked u to leave
    alone… but with a toy he has learned that wait means u must wait before
    touching that toy till i say OK but yah defintely not a hyper dog my
    friends puppy jack russel is craaaazy hyper and is soo hard to train! took
    her 4 months to train him to sit!

  • sezz1988 says:

    dont know why these people think its a good video, this guys does not teach
    you anything. Try it with a dog thats not trained then that will show us
    how to do it.

  • Mitch Sullivan says:

    my dead dog is more hyper than that

  • LynZ Lee says:

    You r a very stupid man your dog isn’t even hyper he’s already trained

  • CosmetikJunkiee says:

    This is NOTHING compared to my dog.

  • Eric Gilbert says:

    Nice video, would love to see when you started to work with him when he was
    hyper (i.e. prior to training) You’ve done a great job putting control
    commands around his toy focus.

  • mrg00ddude says:

    wow dog training for a trained dog

  • BreeKayBe says:

    Umm that’s not hyper, my Jack Russell is hyper.


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