Leash walking is one og the commands that dog owners have difficulty with. In this video I share a simple secret to leash walking. Please leave a comment and…
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16 Responses to Dog Training – The Secret To Loose Leash Walking

  • jcreswick says:

    Brill also in another video she washes her dog in the washing machine came
    up lovely and then guess what she does to get him dry?…..yep she puts him
    inthe tumble dryer for a while…dry as a bone (see what i did there?)
    another tip she shared was insted of getting it groomed she leashes it on
    the lawn and runs over it with the mower… Brilliant! 

  • Monica Thomas says:

    Your website is either not working or you want people’s information or you
    are a charlatan.

  • Ceno3000 says:

    My dog will. Never let me put that on him

  • Chadwick Webler says:

    great video. Love the pug with the vacuum lol

  • BABY RAMEY says:

    how many time can i train my dog a day????

  • evilspuddy says:

    i just need some advice please my dog is well behaved at home even around
    my kids but when it comes to walking him he just gets so excited he doesent
    calm down ive tried sitting there till he changes his state of mind but he
    just keeps jumping and getting excited for hours please help any advice is

  • mmackify says:

    I hv a 8 yr 60 lb AMSTAFF female who is a great/vr smart-she is fixed but,
    had 1 litter prior to be getting here at 1.5 yrs old. She loves kitty cats
    & bunnies, ducks, etc.– I wld love to be able to walk w/o leash but, fear
    that if she sees a squirrel, cat, dog, duck, etc. she will kp going til she
    can get it & no 1 can catch her she thinks u r plyg a game w/ her- if
    gotten loose-u hv to trick her w/ treats &/or walk away & sometimes she
    will follow – – possible to now train her w/o leash?

  • Galactic Vibrations says:

    LOL,The vacuum cleaner is the mortal enemy of most dogs..I dare someone to
    try that with my dog 😀 😀 😀

  • WiFiSlyyy says:

    @CerebralJezebel Dyson’s turbo-powered upholstery tool is the one my
    Kelpie/Aussie Shepherd mix loves the best. She stands facing away from me,
    arches her back, and acts as if she’s in heaven as I run the thing up and
    down her back. She absolutely loves the feel of the rotating brush. My lab
    tolerates being vacuumed but doesn’t seem to like it much. My other two
    dogs just run when the vacuum is turned on as do the cats.

  • Emmerbug143 says:

    your videos are sooooo helpful with my new doberman puppy. thank you so

  • positivepetzine says:

    @darkchilde26 Are you holding the treat in your hand? If so, use a marker
    word or clicker instead so that you are getting the treat from a pocket
    instead. Then you can put the reinforcement on a schedule and reduce the
    number of treats you use.

  • PatsieVideosDoom says:

    vacuuming your dog…LOLLLLL My dog is scared of it

  • Hyewon Lee says:

    PUG and Vacuum cleaner!!! OMG!! brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahah

  • KIWIJTSTA says:

    @stratocaster539 so cute

  • Ken Paisley says:

    My lab is terrified of vacuum lol

  • positivepetzine says:

    @darkchilde26 In that case putting her on a schedule should be very
    straight-forward, but you need to teach “Doggy Zen” (google it). Sue
    Ailsby’s Training Levels has a good progression for Doggy Zen.


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