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23 Responses to Dog Training – The Art of Trick Dogging – Emily Larlham

  • wmlgts says:

    Emily is awesome!

  • PositiveCattitudes says:

    Love it! I really like the PRT term also as I never know how to describe my
    training (for exactly the reasons mentioned!) and now I shall adopt it with
    credit to you! 🙂

  • Alexis Wilson says:

    Do you have Progressive Reinforcement Training tee shirts or something we
    could use to promote it? I am a Progressive Reinforcement Trainer, (in
    training, thanks to you 🙂 And I love it! I want to share it with everyone!

  • dogert66 says:

    @SunnyShineGirl14 I agree! I would buy them!

  • Kathy Mocharnuk says:

    Looks like a GREAT video Emily! So wonderful to see great positive training
    methods being available for more trainers out there! Kathy with

  • josski32 says:

    @MkMr64 i watched nearly all of her 160+ movies on channel kikopup!

  • MkMr64 says:

    I could watch Emily and her wonderful skills for hours and hours and

  • josski32 says:

    if you have bought/watched this DVD and a lot/most of kikopup’s channel,
    can you please tell me if a lot of them are the same? Because this is $90
    and I am not sure if I want to buy it if it’s that much and a lot of it is
    already on kikopup’s channel. Also if you have watched the DVD “101 Ways to
    Think Outside the Box” by her… THANKS!

  • sheigh342 says:

    Just bought The Art of Trick Dogging at APDT this past weekend from Tawzer.
    Emily is unbelievable. I specialize in trick training, and if I could ever
    be as half as good as Emily, I would be OK with that. Wonderful stuff.
    Thanks for showing the world how creative you can be with your beloved

  • Caitlin Peacock says:

    +ItsADogsLife Exactly my thoughts, people just assume positive trainers
    bribe their dogs with treats whenever they want them to do something. So
    not true! I can get my dog to come to me while he is in the process or
    running towards another dog, all because he knows that good things always
    come from being around me whether I have food or not. People, if you’re
    going to diss a certain technique, at least know how it’s done and why it
    works/doesn’t work. It’s really a matter of “do I want to constantly
    correct my dog or do I want to constantly reward my dog? Or both?”

  • cudz8 says:

    Thanx for sharing. Wonderful.

  • jnrredman says:

    ham is the only thing that will get my Catahoula mix’s attention while on a
    walk but my Beagle isn’t interested

  • mileydelgado says:

    cool ill try it when my puppy get big she is just 9 days old and she is a
    siberian/shepherd mix..

  • MegaAlly99 says:

    one question : when is the perfect age to train your dog off leash?

  • 9yrhunterjumper says:

    she reminds me of my dog shane:) he’s a pointer/catahoula cross, but
    unfortunately I cant trust him off leash unless im in a fenced enclosure or
    inside. He likes to play the “chase me” game and there’s no stopping him
    after that. although my lab/chow is perfect at this and I can trust her
    anywhere. I’ve had them for 4 years(i got them the same week.) it just
    shows the difference in breed personalities and gender traits.

  • abcgoldens says:

    great video

  • Ralphiedog01 says:

    on walks my dog isnt interested in treats, but in the sights and smells so
    he ignores the treat.

  • Chaz Greenslade says:

    thanx a lot

  • sumirei001 says:

    Great video! I love the focus the dog has.

  • Jana Dale says:

    I don’t agree with “cookie” training your dogs (meaning treats and snacks)
    for good performance. Also, you should only need to state the command once
    and the dog should respond. With all due respect that dog is not to the
    point where it should be considered for off leash work. JMHO

  • ItsADogsLife says:

    I’m intrigued why so many people, particularly ‘old school dog trainers’
    are so against using food rewards? It’s only another currency with which to
    reward or ‘pay’ your dog for giving you the behaviour you want. Are you
    against rewards completely? I think almost all agree that positive
    reinforcement with praise, play, petting, freedom or even a smile is a
    vital part of behaviour conditioning, so why not use a high value reward
    like food when appropriate? It’s not bribery, it’s just payment!

  • SheSoTalented216 says:

    That’s cool and all, but I’m not gonna go for a walk CONSTANTLY saying HERE

  • josski32 says:

    6 years!!!!! poor doggie. i would adopt you 🙂


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