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10 Responses to Dog Training Syncro Sitting and Downing With Lots of Focused Attention

  • Unleashed Potential K9 says:

    We now have a Free dog training mini series you can access on our website. Sign up, and you will learn how to be able
    to get your dog to do all of this. 

  • Theresa Coss says:

    Wow, simply amazing.. its so evident how happy these dogs are! 🙂

  • frackle123 says:

    The second half of this vid show Nitro to be almost intuitive in performing
    commands. The farthest dog away and the first to execute the command.
    Stunning command and amazing communication with these dogs.

  • ErickLazcon4 says:

    Great dogs

  • K H says:

    what happen yto the rottweiler u had

  • K H says:

    @unleashedpotentialK9 aww i love your rottweiler thats was one of the best
    trained ones i have ever viewed. he was an amazing dog. and the video
    itself was good. i think if you ever had time you should do another video
    in the public just like the one with the rottweiler just with one of your
    other dogs.

  • Noel Kaija says:

    dude! blown away! Totally!

  • KlUrSlf says:

    this blows my mind.. I hope I can train my pup half as well..

  • Unleashed Potential K9 says:

    @kt484 , He is Retired and now Living with a family with kids up the road
    from me who love him and now spoil him. LOL! He is still a good dog.

  • k9boulevard says:

    superb dogs! great trainer! awesome!!!


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