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18 Responses to Dog Training – Stop Your Dog From Pulling

  • HGR693 says:


  • jbentley8383 says:

    Ok..I’m back from walking my dog according to this video… My GOODNESS
    MAN!!! This really works man!!! I walked with my dog today & did everything
    in the video..10 minutes of walking made a REAL DIFFERENCE! My dog is about
    1/2 way to not pulling now, a few more days or even a week I should have no
    pulling at all! ME SO HAPPY! YES YES YA”LL!!

  • Huntresss says:

    God, it works!!!! after a week of suffering with my pulling new
    doberman/terrier mix of 8 months (it’s a really strong dog) she totally
    understood after 10 minutes of going nowhere, to one side and the other. Of
    course is not perfect, it will take a while for her to make it perfect but
    for being the first day, WOW nothing had worked out with my dogs for years,
    and now this is working, thank you SO MUCH for this video, you are great!!!!

  • sweetearthangel83 says:

    i tried that she starts chewing on an pulls the other way.. and then yanks
    so hard the leash falls outs of your hand and she runs..

  • lilcoz08 says:

    Make sure you do not talk to the dog while you are working on this. Dogs
    get excited when you talk and will confuse them. Keep your head high and
    relaxed and give firm but fair corrections. Once they seem to be getting
    the hang of it and you are walking with a loose lead, then and only then
    can you pet the dog for approval or speak and give a good boy compliment.

  • elemenohpee25 says:

    Or you could use a halti too

  • Leanneldok21 says:

    @icskill My dog used to do that when she was a pup. Now she pulls quite
    alot lol.

  • Amora Morena says:

    @1blockhead1 OMG I wish I had the guts to do that… Mine has run off a
    couple of time, and although I know the theory, I’m always too scrared…
    So I run like mad after the dog! 🙁

  • Blaze Girl says:

    What if the dog is large an powerful ? My dogs determined to go where he
    wants . If I don’t let him go in a direction he would bow and pull.

  • Krispyb84 says:

    Does this work? I have a 5 month old Staffy/Collie/GSD cross who’s tiny,
    but pulls like mad. I tried the stop/walk training, that didn’t work. Then
    I tried the walk a bit/give a treat one, that didn’t work either. I’m
    tearing my hair out.

  • TaiwanSPCA says:

    It is far better to change direction 90 degrees instead of 180. A dog is
    easily moved sideways, and it’s therefore less harmful.

  • negodnicata says:

    @whiteroseuk you would see him pullig the hell out of it .. I totally agree
    with you – he’s standing there with a dog that doesnt pull at all and tells
    me if he WOULD pull me i WOULD. My dog pulls i turn around and it keeps
    pulling – HELOO!?! – thats the firs reaction that you get when your dog has
    no idea what to do .. be real pls!

  • Jill Sitnick says:

    Hello – How long into the walk do you do this? I feel like she won’t learn
    it in one walk so I won’t be consistent if we continue the walk with her

  • QuintonMais9 says:

    How do i get my 110 lb st bernard to stop biting the leash..He will pull me
    down the street.thanks

  • petplaysf says:

    This video is great! It is really informative.

  • eventhorizon says:

    And if the dog does, he’d stop pulling, and look to see where you are- and
    go back to your side if this is how you’ll do it. Eventually he won’t pull
    at all when it all clicks.

  • GetRealFit says:

    I tried that today with my puppy and it worked. Thank you so much! She’s
    had lots of trainers and none has been able to teach her to walk on a
    leash. She can do every trick in the book but basic manners evade her lol.
    I was curious what kind of collar you have on this dog. Is it a choke
    collar? I use a premier harness that attaches on the front so she has more
    of a challenge pulling forward. It worked with that harness. She flipped
    around but it didn’t hurt her just let her know I’m there.

  • Karol S says:

    How old is the dog? where are you walking him when he does this breakaway?
    Is he distracted ? How often do you train with your dog, it should be done
    daily at least every 2 days for a wk, then change the setting a little..
    and retrace the steps you did the first wk also. then change in 3 wks.. and
    retrace area/steps in 1 and 2. (build)


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