Here I demonstrate how I trained my dogs to stack bowls. If your dog doesn’t like to pick stuff up then check out my tutorial on that…

20 Responses to Dog Training – Stacking Bowls

  • Rickyagility says:

    Brilliant! I am going to try this with Callie! Thank you!

  • zsianz1 says:

    @caewissler good question! spread this out over as many sessions of around
    10 minutes as your dog needs, this dog took around 4 sessions (not all on
    the same day) to get to this point but my other dog has already had maybe 8
    sessions and is still not quite there although she is close but it may take
    way less or way more depending on your dog 🙂

  • Darcy Ernat says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, Sian. I watched this video a while back, and am
    revisiting as I am ready to commit to teaching it 🙂 It looks like you’ve
    been busy with your mini… very cute, but missing the dog training vids.

  • Anne Klein says:

    Awesome!! I am still using your last video to help my dog learn to mouth
    things, but I am excited and optimistic for her to be stacking bowls in no
    time 🙂 Keep the videos coming, they are so helpful!

  • Bonnie Hess says:

    Excellent video. It was very clear. Thanks for sharing!

  • ettvv says:

    this is great! thank you!

  • Irene Boer says:

    Thanks for the great tip to start with a big flat tray. I used it to learn
    my dog Coco putting things in a dish and found it really helpful!

  • zsianz1 says:

    @boer65 that’s great news 🙂 I’m so pleased that the video was some help 🙂

  • Mariana Ramos says:

    Thank you so muchhh for this video! it’s amazing as usual!!

  • mieke zijlstra says:

    And another great tutorial, Thanxs Sian.

  • ilovecanines says:

    Excellent, Sian!

  • JessieTheJack says:

    This is a very great and helpful tutorial! I’m gonna have a go at teaching
    this to my dog! Vinnie did an excellent job! =)

  • zsianz1 says:

    @brocolims to get the same result as a clicker you can replace the click
    with a short word like “YES!” you have to say it exactly the same way each
    time also and exactly like the clicker you must always reward the dog after
    each “YES!”. hope that helps 🙂

  • MultiAnimalcrackers says:

    Excellent tutorial…i really loved it:)) going to defo have a go with this
    with Inca, Thankyou:))

  • alomaro says:

    Hola!!!! Muy nteresante video!!!! Voy a intentar hacerlo!! Gracias por

  • Papillonslurchers says:

    Great video as always sian! Going to have to train this one <3

  • Short Paws says:

    Another great video! Thanks for posting this one. Do you do all this in one
    training session or is this process spread out over a couple sessions?

  • f1el6 says:

    very nice technique! i just used a target stick to hint where i want the
    bowl but your way is much smarter 🙂

  • Beth Mitchell says:

    Awesome video, I can’t wait to get started with my dogs!

  • Fun with Pup & Jane says:

    Great video=)


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