Here’s an easy method that you can use to stop your dog from jumping on friends and family. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to …
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24 Responses to Dog Training – Solve Your Dog’s Jumping Problem

  • avernion says:

    Thank you!

  • Wendy Sharp says:

    fab tip, thanks off to try it with my labrador pup Tuppence!

  • barbara diaz says:

    Hi Eric, I wanted to let you know that your trick to making dogs stop from
    jumping up has worked in just a couple of tries. AMAZING. I have a year old
    black lab that I found two days ago, injured on the side of the road, she
    is full of energy! And jumping is a huge problem. Thank you so much.

  • Margie Cusumano says:

    Great technique! I just tried it with my dog and showed my parents. It

  • Mila Jones says:

    So I tried this but she started nibbling on my hands. What can I do about

  • Scotty Johann says:

    very nice video


  • ForDogTrainers - Dog Portal says:

    Dog jumping on you is a real problem and I hope this video will be much in
    helpfor you))

  • Elijah Mathes says:

    Thanks im going to subscribe and tell all my friends:)

  • reana lacap says:

    thanks a lot so good to know cause thats is our prob. god bless you!!!

  • Eric Letendre says:

    Thank you @sassyNot4u! This technique has helped keep hundreds if not
    thousands of dogs in the house and out of the shelter. Thanks again!

  • mitchellcm87 says:

    My problem with my dog is that when we take him to a park or anything, he
    runs over to say hi to everybody(humans and other dogs) which doesn’t
    bother us, but he always jumps up and ‘kisses’ the human strangers in the
    face, and jumps on them. Is there a solution to get him to stop that or
    should we just keep him on leash until he doesn’t jump at all? I should
    mention he doesn’t jump on me anymore. Would I just use the paws technique
    with me? Would that stop him from jumping on others? Thanks!

  • Santana Singleton says:

    What if you have stuff in your hands? 🙁

  • Hawkeye3123 says:

    Fantastic… It works straight away

  • MrSerpico145 says:

    You might want to try a little water gun. Just a little cheap one from the
    dollar store or something. Not high pressure. Every time she jumps you just
    give a squirt of the water. they tend to dislike that. It might work for

  • Culiptist says:

    Hey I did exactly this, and squeezed his paws until he pull away and after
    about the 4th time he would not jump no matter what I told him. Thanks!!!

  • Lyakka says:

    My question is – does this make a dog sensitive about touching their feet
    at other times, when jumping is not an issue? I need my dogs to be relaxed
    when I touch their feet, whether I need to check them for prickers or
    ticks, or I just want to touch their feet.

  • drdrigor says:

    Eric, how you solve the problem with hunting pets like our cat etc. ? Could
    you make a video about the issue?! Thanks

  • aleksoboom says:

    THANKS OMG Had this problem

  • 14Raine14 says:

    @Greenwolfdragon Neither of my dogs are allowed to jump and both get in and
    out of the van without problems (although I lift my Basset for health
    reasons, she can and has jumped in herself) It is concidered EXTREMLY rude
    for a dog to jump on an other dog, even when excited, as the dog jumping is
    saying “I’m excited! I rule and can do what I please! Pet me and pay
    attention to me now!”

  • Jason Jones says:

    What’s the prices of your dogs

  • Andrew Truong says:

    Do you offer PPD german shepherds from Czech or DDR working lines?

  • Mikel M Fernandez says:


  • nopeekingjon says:

    do all the dogs always sit when they find drugs?

  • duchessaustria says:

    Do you have any treasure hunting dogs?


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