Twice a year, a team of young German Shepherds are put through their paces to train as general purpose police dogs. Gunner, a pedigree purchased by Essex Pol…
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Dog Training - The Heel Command

To stop your dog from pulling, you must teach your dog how to walk politley at your side. Learn how in this quick dog training video. Don’t forget to rate th…

14 Responses to Dog Training Part 1

  • Ladyfiona Briggs says:

    This vid brought a tear to my eye….we had a retired police dog called
    gunner, and this dog is so like him….can anyone tell me how old this film
    is please?

  • johnsonarcher says:

    All I have ever done is take the dogs for walks making them heel. I just
    keep saying heel over and over and forcing him to walk there with an 18″
    leash. After two or three walks like that they get it down with no problem.

  • Mman731 says:

    How do you use a food lure if you have a very small (short dog) ? I have to
    bend over all the time or walk bent over

  • Kizzo HD says:

    Videos such as this make Youtube wonderful. They often cause me to smile.
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    garbage companies insert in dog food induces cancer and tends to make dogs
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    Google.) I’m very happy I did!

  • Eric Letendre says:

    Your welcome and please let me know how you make out. Eric

  • sara2618 says:

    Thanks, will try this technique with my beagle that loves to pull on her
    leash,lol. ;D

  • 1Mom2One says:

    I like it but what do I do with my chi? He’s too short (or I’m too tall

  • suedesammi says:

    Thank You!

  • tunnytunnytunny says:

    good job and i was wondering what breed is your dog?

  • Sarah Duenas says:

    Im going to try this on my dog. Shes a 4 year old german shepherd that was
    never really trained and so far i have gotten her to sit and lay down. This
    will be great because she is a strong dog but the treats work well on the
    other tricks

  • CryWolf915 says:

    at what age do u suggest working on this command???? 2 months or so….?

  • dready187 says:

    what abt to watch when he is heeling..instead of just being at your do you teach them to do that

  • Sidney Mathious says:

    Thanks for telling me that. I will work on the other techniques you
    mentioned earlier. I have a new leach to lead him around and work on
    training him to heel and sit. Thanks for the tip.

  • Big Jon says:

    @TheTurnersJourney Yeah eletendre1 had a great response. Very friendly
    about it! Gotta love that! Unfortunately, some people just don’t understand
    that there are different ways to get things done. Wonder what Capstone does
    when there’s bumperto bumper traffic just 3 exits away from his home? He
    probably sits there for an hour instead of exiting asap and finding another
    path. 🙂


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