Bubba, 16 months Johnson American Bulldog following Obedience commands. To follow Bubba’s adventures, please subscribe to Bubba’s Doghouse! We post fun video…

http://www.sitmeanssit.com Alfredo Rivera and Fred Hassen of Sit Means Sit dog training do a drastic turn around in a half hour session with the “Sit Means S…
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35 Responses to Dog Training: Obedience commands and American Bulldog, Bubba

  • Mat cool says:

    Awesome dogs. one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world, my dog of
    choice is the bullmastiff which I think they are a lot alike.

  • Vanc3y84 says:

    I disagree with training your dog with treats. What’s he going to do in
    public if you all him to sit with distractions all around and no treats in
    your hand.

    Praise is all you should be training with. And not “good boy” it should be
    good “sit” good “up” good “down” etc. 

  • mimi watler says:

    Do you know where I can find someone that can train my dog to be a guard
    dog? And is it hard to train them to do those things?

  • Roger sm1th says:

    Bull breeds are great dogs

  • Ashlee F says:

    Hi I want I to get a American bulldog but not sure if they will guard you
    or your house when your not home or when you are home I love your american
    bulldg he is very perry and very healthy too 

  • Ohzin Ahmed says:

    Damn the amount of muscle is highhhh

  • jntroisi says:

    Such a beautiful boy

  • Safe Rage says:

    Awesome dog

  • Francisco Martinez says:


  • dany1441 says:

    Goodlooking dog. He has IMHO a perfect head. How he is around other dogs?

  • Erik Landeck says:

    I have a 20 week old pup. And I can tell it will take a lot of patience to
    train him more then I have already. He can sit, lay down, roll over and
    fetch. So doing all the things you have Bubba do should be attainable as
    well. Thank you for sharing you have a beautiful American Bulldog. Mine is
    the Johnson line as well and his daddy was 130 lbs. with a huge head and a
    thirty inch neck. So yea I have a big boy, with him weighing in at around
    almost 40 lbs. already.

  • Morgan More says:

    that’s my Bubba what good baby

  • Dinn Alsiyao says:

    where did you buy your american bulldog?

  • Ricardo Garcia says:

    beautiful dog man! 

  • MegaYangman says:

    That is one pretty boy there. He looks to be 100 plus lbs.

  • Rocknrolla Soprano says:

    Very beautiful and cute dog. Greetings from Czech Republic. ;-)

  • Jaime Weaver says:
  • Anthony C says:

    Great training & Beautiful American Bulldog you have!!!

  • Marcelo Vilareto says:

    hes beautiful 🙂 a very big dog

  • Fred Hassen says:
  • CathyGo says:

    Educating the owner about dog behavior is probably more productive long
    term than “fixing” one behavior by pushing a button. I know e collars don’t
    hurt. I’ve stimmed myself with one. You used avoidance training to teach
    the dog the only “safe” place is right beside her owner. Looks amazing to
    those who don’t understand dog training. It isn’t fair to start stimming
    the dog until it has a clear idea of what you want.

  • Francois T says:

    Lots of people don’t seem to even KNOW what a e-collar does, yet, they
    comment about “punishment”. The signal sent via an e-collar does NOT HAVE
    TO BE an electric shock. It can be a vibration, just like we had with pager
    device of lore. That is “punishment”? If the e-collar uses electric shocks
    only, it is CRUCIAL to have one with a lot of different intensity levels.
    The reason is (well…should be) obvious: the goal of the collar is to have
    the dog NOTICE the signal, not inflict pain.

  • MejJalTok says:

    she protects her tail like it’s her heart lol

  • KrunchMonster1 says:

    this dog looks so much more relaxed and happier at the end of this video. I
    can’t see that “punishment” was used here and if it was you would not see
    the dog so relaxed and willing at the end.

  • charlio744 says:

    I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that the dog is being punished??

  • rielouise says:

    positive punishment is presenting an aversive stimulus in order to decrease
    the likelihood of a behavior reoccurring. I’m not familiar with this
    program at all. saw the video & commented. I realize you are using the
    e-collar as a marker to communicate, “no, that’s not what I wanted”. I know
    you are not hurting the dog.

  • daconverse says:

    good job!

  • 31apache48 says:

    There are so many views on Positive re. and Neg. Reinforcement and
    traditional v modern training methods sometimes dog sports ie. agility,
    jumping edurance can help build confidence for nervous dogs. Just focus on
    fun for your nervous dog can rebuild confidence. Thats just my oppinion.

  • rielouise says:

    I feel ya! I saw some other videos of yours & I was impressed. I realize
    that some behaviors are easier taught with a reinforcement/punishment
    combo. I also know the collars are only on until the behavior is learned.
    The mixed emotions was just cause punishment was used on a fearful

  • Sabot46290 says:

    This is the best explanation of the e-collar I have heard. The sad thing
    is, no one has yet allowed me to show them that it doesn’t hurt…they’ll
    accept the explanation and the whole “invisible leash” thing, but the world
    will end before they’ll let the probes touch their skin. I don’t ‘shock’
    dogs and I’m not going to ‘shock’ you, for goodness’ sake!

  • wolfydan121 says:

    i partially agree, nurturing a dogs fear can cause catastrophic problems.
    the e-collar isnt quite as harsh as you may believe though. :old school”
    shock collars were cruell, but the new ones are not much more than a tingle
    to dissuade/distract from negative behaviour. its just a way to speed
    things up! ^_^

  • Debbie Jacobs says:

    Sorry but I didn’t see a ‘confident’ dog, it was doing what its owner
    wanted, but with confidence? A good start perhaps but scared dogs don’t
    just ‘turn’ confident.

  • rielouise says:

    please look up the definition of punishment or read the definition provided

  • BeyondAlpha says:

    I just dont see the point of using the damned collar on a scared dog. Its
    not so much about hurting them with the shock. Its about seeing a quick fix
    and thinking in just minutes the dog learned the lesson we wanted. Another
    thing about stiming the dog. everyone holds this collar in their hand. Put
    it on your neck tough guy. Dogs have necks way more sensitive than ours. so
    what seems mild to us can be overly stimulating to a dog. I would never do
    it to my dog.

  • 31apache48 says:

    No-one wants to punish an already nervous dog. If its ok for humans than
    its ok for pets. Would you strap one of these things to your kids??? I know
    I wouldn’t. Is punishment the anwer?


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