This is a fun ‘mark’ an object from anywhere drill that I do, and this one is done in water today. Having the ability to have the …

Teach your dog how to stay on command. Learn how in this quick dog training video. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channe…

23 Responses to Dog Training – Labrador Retriever Gun dog

  • Totsieana says:

    I have my own labrador retriver and she walks weird i think theres
    something wrong with her hip. should i take her to a vet?

  • bencherm says:

    Hi that was fab have u any tips on hot too get my 4 month old springer too
    fetch in water confidently as she is very nervous when approaching water
    she ok now after alot of time playing by the water but when her feet has
    too leave the ground too swim she dont like it and comes back

  • Sssshay says:

    what a lovely dog! I hope he received lots of treats and a warm blanket
    after this! well done!

  • superduperhunter16 says:

    Hey I have a two year old yellow lab and he’s an animal when it comes to
    hunting,but this last season he started to break on me. Even a shock collar
    wont get his ass to stay. I got on him about it but he still tends to break
    if I come up to shoot really fast. Any tips???

  • Nora Madzar says:

    @superduperhunter16 you gotta use a slingshot….shoot him in the ass with
    it and i guarantee he wont run off again

  • Michael McManus says:

    im not sure why more people dont knwo this trick. my dogs both have very
    good stays even around distractions. tie your dog to something tell him to
    sit, walk away and walk back and give him a treat. but only if he stays in
    position if he gets up or barks are breaks the stay in a way you dont want,
    stop. dont go back to your dog until he gets back in position eventually
    you dog will have a really good stay

  • DSKNguyen says:

    I just found your videos, they’re wonderful!

  • Michael McManus says:

    read my comment above that technique in y oppinion is that best way to
    teach a dog to stay. the more you train a stay the better it gets. so its
    up to you. i have my dogs do down stays when im cooking or when im watching
    a tv show. so i dont go outside to train it i just fuse it into their day

  • TOOVOOT says:

    @Jazreldedondru i have a pit bull too shes very friendly and playful

  • mrandmrscolbert says:

    WOW…do you happen to work in the SoCal area? I am in desperate need of
    HELP with my almost 3 year old very distracted female pit mix

  • Peter Fields says:

    @allbreedsdogs What if you want your dog to stay without sitting?

  • mikel vogel says:

    all of his vids i saw he had diff dogs what are u talking about

  • TheLouraa says:

    @TheSonicchick oh finally .. i thought no one would ever understand it..
    but they defenitly do 😀

  • horsesweethorse says:

    well my dog was the same but if you just put him back into the same spot
    and say stay and wait a short time and then break and just gradually
    increase the time you might have to keep returning him to the same spot it
    took me a while but i got there in the end. once i told him to stay and
    then went out and when i came back 2 hours later he was still there i felt
    so bad :S whoops but at least he knew lol

  • misznessche says:

    Awesome Video 😀

  • spikeyeyerish says:

    My dog would follow at my side all day. I was walking a block to a
    neighbors house dog was following. SIT. STAY…came back 20 minutes later
    and the dog was in the same spot….i felt so bad

  • BashFeri1 says:

    Could your method work without treats, with praise only? Because I dont
    want to rely on his hunger in order for him to obey in public situations or
    what if he finds another dog (or stg else) more interesting than a treat…
    Between I love your videos. Already applied the method against jumping on
    me on my puppy. Brilliant

  • tophrules101 says:

    My parents just barely got a 6 month collie and she is not staying. This
    has really helped. Thanks!

  • joeybraveheart says:

    yep sure hes gonna use border collies , itll help him more cz they are the
    smartest breed

  • StanleyC24 says:

    and border collies

  • EXnder says:

    very useful .. hope to teach my bluehealer this 🙂 p.s i sent u a email
    asking about sum stuff

  • Brianna Eason says:

    great to know the difference between stay and wait – i had been wondering
    if it was important to use both! thanks 🙂

  • Jazreldedondru says:

    I have 2 Bluenose Pits. They are intelligent like retrievers and friendly.
    They are far from evil. I know with the bad public perception, I really
    need to train them well and maintain control.


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